Fernandes: I’ve bid for Hammers

Just hours after Allardyce was confirmed as the new Upton Park
manager on a two-year contract Fernandes, who attempted to purchase
the Hammers last year, wrote on his Twitter feed: “For all you West
Ham fans an offer has gone to the present owners of West Ham. Let’s
see if they accept.” Hammers co-owners David Gold and David
Sullivan claim no formal offer has been made to them and branded
Fernandes’ decision to utilise social media to announce his
intentions as “bizarre”. Allardyce will certainly be hoping to
avoid any boardroom upheaval having fallen foul of new owners when
he was sacked by both Newcastle and Blackburn following takeovers
by Mike Ashley and the Venky’s group respectively. The 56-year-old
told Sky Sports News: “I’m bemused by the statement but my
information, having spoken to David Sullivan, was that he was not
wanting to sell West Ham because it’s his club, it’s the club he
has always supported. “That was one of the reasons why I took the
job because I didn’t want any fractions in terms of change of
ownerships because my reputation has already suffered, wrongly so,
by new ownerships at Newcastle and Blackburn, disposing of my
services when there was no real credibility in that other than the
fact that they were new owners and they didn’t want me. “It wasn’t
down to results, it wasn’t down to how I’d performed as a manager.
If that’s the case (that Fernandes has made an offer), and that
materialised, then I’m surprised at that.” Sullivan was dismissive
of Fernandes’ announcement, claiming no serious bidder would use
such a medium to make an offer, and Allardyce added: “It’s a
dangerous thing, Twitter!” Gold was equally non-plussed by the
news, although he admitted he would be happy to discuss any
potential investment from the owner of the AirAsia airline and
Formula One’s Team Lotus, who is a West Ham fan. “That’s news to
me, I certainly haven’t heard any information regarding this, it’s
interesting,” Gold told Sky Sports News. “We’re interested in
finances coming in to the club, we would welcome it and I would be
happy to sit down with Tony with a view to him joining the board
and bringing in desperately-needed finances. “You would think if
somebody was going to buy a club they would approach the owners,
sit down privately and discuss it. “I’d find it quite bizarre
anybody would make an offer through Twitter but let’s hope it’s
serious, we would welcome another investor. “It’s inconceivable
someone would start negotiations in this way but you never know,
we’ll have to see what happens.”