Fergie shows sympathy for Kean

The Rovers faithful have never taken to Kean but their relationship
reached a new low in midweek as Rovers suffered a 2-1 defeat to
Bolton that sent them plummeting to the foot of the Premier League.
With demonstrations taking place after the game, it was widely
expected Kean would have been sacked by now. The League Managers’
Association have already criticised the club’s owners, Venky’s, for
their handling of Blackburn and it is known former manager Mark
Hughes is not keen on the idea of returning to a club in such
turmoil. Kean has survived to take charge of Rovers for their
Boxing Day trip to Liverpool, with Ferguson praising his fellow
Scot for the dignity he has retained in the face of such
unremitting criticism. “I have not seen anything as bad as that,”
said Ferguson. “I feel for the lad. “He seems to be in complete
control of himself at press conferences and has not let events get
to him. “It is remarkable that under that kind of pressure he can
retain his dignity the way he has done. “I tried to phone him the
other day but he is probably right to keep it off.” Ferguson has
spoken often about the confrontational nature of today’s society
and how fans are quick to vent their frustrations these days. And
this, he believes, is just another extreme example. “It is terrible
to watch that,” he said. “It doesn’t say a lot for our society
nowadays when you see that kind of behaviour from fans. “We are all
emotional. We all like to see our team win. But for goodness sake,
give the lad a break.”