Fergie calls for winter break

Ferguson has been a strong advocate of a two-week halt to the
domestic programme, which he feels should come immediately after
the packed Christmas programme. He finds few dissenting voices
amongst his fellow professionals. England coach Fabio Capello and
one of his predecessors, Sven-Goran Eriksson, have also spoken out,
highlighting the benefits a chance to recharge tired muscles would
have on the national side. However, Ferguson is not holding out any
hope of a break being implemented, believing stopping fixtures is
not something TV companies would accept. “I have been saying this
for years,” the United boss told satellite radio station Sirius XM.
“It is not just to give the players a rest. It is to get rid of all
the little injuries they carry. “It would also freshen everyone up
mentally, including my staff because they could do with that break
as well. “But somehow they just will not listen to the people who
really matter in the game – supporters, players, staff and coaches.
“That’s when maybe you think TV has too much power.”