AZ playing hardball over deals

Former USA international Stewart joined the AZ staff last summer
and told the club’s official website that he would rather sell
players who do not wish to extent their contracts than allow them
to run down their contracts and leave on free transfers next year.
“For them there are two options: extend or depart,” he said. “In
the past, the club has been committed to certain players to win. We
do not want free transfer guys who run for the door.” A whole host
of players, including the likes of Simon Poulsen, Stijn Schaars,
Kolbeinn Sigthorsson and Nick van der Velden could walk away from
the club next summer when their contracts expire, but Stewart is
adamant that he will not allow that to happen. “At the moment there
are some not renewed or who do not want to renew, so we will go for
the sale. In extreme cases we can still choose to terminate a
contract, but that will not happen quickly,” he said.