Portsmouth fires 85 staff

The indebted Premier League club Portsmouth fired 85 staff members
Wednesday in an attempt to avoid closing.

None of the cuts includes players, although club
administrator Andrew Andronikou said one or two players offered to
take pay cuts. He added that some staff members agreed to work
fewer hours and he’ll attempt to defer salary for others.

All prize money from reaching the FA Cup semifinals in April
will go directly to the club, Andronikou added.

In another matter, the former English league club Chester
City was put out of business Wednesday by court order.

The team was relegated from the lowest level of the country’s
professional leagues last season and then thrown out of the
fifth-tier Conference National in February after failing to fulfill
its schedule.

The government pursued the club over unpaid taxes, and the
High Court ordered that the company running the 125-year-old team
be dissolved.

David Evans of the Chester City Fans United group says
supporters will set up a new club to replace Chester.