UFC POSTFIGHT Quotes – Woodley on How Nunes Won at UFC 215

Bisping on Nunes’ Victory: “Amanda impressed me with her cardio.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 215 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS2 hosted by Todd Grisham, with Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Tyron Woodley on what secured the victory for Nunes: “It was a display of martial arts at the highest level. Amanda was pushing forward, but Valentina was scoring more in the rounds with counterstrikes. If you look at round five, it was very even, but the takedown was the difference maker. For Shevchenko, she was the challenger tonight. She had to go out there and take the belt and she didn’t.”

FOX UFC analyst Michael Bisping on Amanda Nunes split decision victory over Valentina Shevchenko: “That was a technical fight. It was hard to score. I’m not sure if I agree with the decision. It was very close. It was a great fight. Amanda impressed me with her cardio. Amanda was throwing good kicks to the body. But Shevchenko looked faster. Takedowns are rewarded heavily, so that probably edged it for Amanda.”

Woodley on what Nunes did well and what she could have done better in the fight: “Amanda needed to keep her distance. When she kept Valentina a bay, Shevchenko was missing her punches. She did a great job at that, and chopping the lead leg. If Amanda had led with her right hand more, it would have opened up her combinations and then she could have gone for the kill. I think Amanda should have gone for the takedown earlier in round four. She should have gone for the kill and then on round five wouldn’t have felt the pressure.”

Bisping on if Nunes and Shevchenko should fight a rematch: “I don’t think it’s necessary. There’s a lot of good talent coming up who Amanda could fight. Maybe Amanda could fight Cat Zingano and redeem her loss to her.”

Woodley on if there should be an immediate rematch: “I don’t think we need to see this again. Maybe Shevchenko goes and gets some wins and builds the rivalry more, but she lost two already to Amanda.”

Woodley on why the fight was a slow fight: “This fight took place the way it did because it was a rematch, with someone who is a great counter-striker and Amanda was very careful with her.”

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Nunes on what she thought of her performance: “I’m a new champion. I have to evolve a lot. This was my first five round fight. I think I did really well. People thought I couldn’t do five rounds.”

Nunes on coming out slowly: “My strategy was to be calm, do the work and then get the takedowns. The first kick, I hurt my feet and had to slow down. I finished the fight strong and kept my belt.”

Nunes on if she was hurt at all by Shevchenko: “She didn’t hit me cleanly at all. The first kick, I hurt my foot. But I went to get my takedowns.”

Nunes on if she thought she was winning the fight during rounds three and four: “I had to save the energy to get it in the fifth round. I didn’t want to expend my strength. Now I know I can get in the fifth round, and I’ll come more aggressive.”

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