Bisping on Criticism of Woodley’s Fighting Style: “As a champion, first and foremost, your goal is to win. You can’t be too tough on Tyron.”
Pettis on how the fight ends: “I’m trying to go for that finish. I want to give the Mexican fans a good fight.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and guest host Michael Bisping, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew catches up with UFC FIGHT NIGHT: PETTIS VS. MORENO headliner Sergio Pettis before his fight this weekend. They also interview former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans about his bout Saturday.

UFC TONIGHT guest host Michael Bisping on whether he’ll defend his title against Georges St-Pierre: “I’m going to fight Georges St-Pierre, Madison Square Garden, Nov. 4th, don’t miss it.”

VIDEO: Michael Bisping to fight Georges St-Pierre in UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden

Bisping on fighting Georges St-Pierre: “GSP is very exciting. Some of his performances have been stellar. My job is to win the fight. I’ll stuff the takedowns. I’ll jab his face. I’ll land the left high kick – kind of like Jon Jones on DC. GSP will fall down face first into the Octagon. I will be the winner and on November 5, I’m going to party like it’s 1999.”

VIDEO: Michael Bisping previews his fight with Georges St-Pierre in UFC 217 at MSG

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on why Jon Jones is the greatest of all time: “If you look at the difficulty of schedule, the guys he’s beaten, there’s no doubt. There’s no weaknesses in his game. He’s at his best right now. He’s the greatest of all time.”

Bisping on Tyron Woodley’s strategy to win over being in an exciting fight: “As a champion, first and foremost, your goal is to win. But it’s also to put on an exciting fight. There is a strategy that he did very well in the fight. Winning is the most important thing. You can’t be too tough on Tyron.”

Florian on Jon Jones: “There’s no doubt the Brock Lesnar fight would be huge for Jones, but the fight that makes the most sense is Alexander Gustafsson. His performance against Glover Teixeira was awesome. To this day some people still think Gustafsson won the first fight with Jones.”

Bisping on Anthony Johnson fighting Jones next: “Johnson is retired, but it’s one of those fake retirements. He said for the right amount of money he’d come back. He’s got one-punch knockout power, good wrestling, and he’s beaten everyone else not named DC.”

Bisping on who Cormier should fight next: “First, he should take some time off. When he’s ready, maybe Jimi Manuwa. They’re both coming off losses and have already had some trash talk. It would be a good matchup.”

VIDEO: Who’s next for Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier?

Florian on who should be next for Woodley: “Jorge Masvidal. He had a close fight against Maia. They both agreed they would fight each other if it was for a title. Masvidal is a tough opponent for anyone in the division.”

Bisping on who should fight Woodley next: “Masvidal is coming off a loss. I’d like to see Masvidal vs. Robbie Lawler and the winner get Tyron Woodley.”

Sergio Pettis on what he thought when he was told he’d be headlining his first main event: “I was very excited. It’s a new task to accomplish. I think I’m ready for it.”

Pettis on how he prepared to fight at Mexico City’s high elevation: “I had to prepare for the elevation. I used simulators to prepare for it, and went out to Albuquerque, which is over 5,000 feet. I’ve gotten out here a week prior of the fight to prepare.”

Pettis on if this fight will get him closer to the title shot: “I think this is a step in my career and will prepare me for the title shot.”

Pettis on Moreno: “He’s good on his feet and has good jiu-jitsu and wrestling. He’s good all around. He’s hungry like me. He pushes the pace. It’s going to be a good fight.”

Pettis on if he’s out of the shadow of his brother Anthony: “Yeah, I’m growing into myself. I’m maturing as a mixed martial artist. I was timid out there, but now I’m expressing myself and having a great time doing it.”

Pettis on how the fight ends: “This fight, I’m trying to go for that finish. I’ll be pushing the pace. I want to give the Mexican fans a good fight, which they deserve. This will put me in title contention. I was supposed to fight Henry Cejudo, he pulled out and that was a blessing in disguise. This will put my name up there.”

VIDEO: Sergio Pettis Interview

Florian on Pettis’ keys to victory: “He’s a very diverse striker and very good at counter strikes. He needs to throw the counter strikes. Moreno throws himself out of position, and Sergio can catch him. Second, he needs to defend the takedowns. Moreno is a beast on the mat and Sergio doesn’t want to give the advantage to him.”

Florian on Moreno’s keys to victory: “He has a lot of submissions. He needs to back Pettis up with his kicks. He needs to land the takedowns, so he can get the submission.”

Florian picks Pettis over Moreno: “I think Pettis is a little more polished.”

Rashad Evans on if Sam Alvey will be more prepared because he’s fought in Mexico City before: “It remains to be seen. I’ve trained in Albuquerque and Denver. I’m used to working at altitude. It’s a different type of exhaustion and you have to work. You have to have the confidence that you’re not going to gas.”

Evans on what Alvey does well: “He has a good range with that left hand. It’s precise and heavy. He has a lot of power in the punches. He’s durable. You have to get off on him early but you have to understand he can take the punishment and come back.”

Evans on if his losing streak is affecting him mentally: “Hopefully not. I’ll go out there and do what I’m trained to do. I’m feeling good mentally. When you dropped so many fights in a row, the biggest thing is you can’t panic – just go out there and fight. It becomes harder if you make it more than just a fight.”

Evans on how this fight feels compared to headlining fights in the past: “It feels important in its own right. This fight has its own challenges. My back’s against the wall. It plays with your mind. You start thinking about it. It’s a different kind of pressure. It’s a position I put myself in it. I can deal with it no matter what happens.”

Florian on what Evans has to do in the fight: “Rashad has to establish the jab, land it and get in and out. He doesn’t want to be in the pocket versus heavy handed Sam Alvey. He needs to get the takedowns in the center of the Octagon and not against the fence where Alvey can defend it. If he has motion, he’ll stick that takedown.”

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