FOX Sports Lab Continues Aggressive Production Tech Initiatives

CHARLOTTE, NC – Having long driven the integration of cutting-edge audio enhancements into live sports telecasts, FOX Sports authors the next chapter of that story with its plans for the 2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Tuesday, July 11 at 7:30 PM ET on FOX. Presenting the 88th Midsummer Classic live from Miami, FOX Sports adds to its award-winning audio arsenal with 13 on-field microphones installed beneath the Marlins Park playing surface, capturing natural sound from definitive moments in the game.

“We experimented with field mics last year in San Diego and got some great results,” said FOX Sports senior audio mixer, Joe Carpenter, a 10-time Sports Emmy winner. “The sounds and grunts you get from guys likes Max Scherzer and Madison Bumgarner as they complete their pitches add so much to the feeling of being there.”

Two of the 13 on-field microphones are located in front of the pitcher’s mound — one positioned for right-handed pitchers and the other for lefties. The remaining 11 spots include one behind the pitcher’s mound, two on either side of the infield, where the dirt meets the outfield grass, and six in the outfield between the infield and the wall.

“I’ve been doing this since 1996, and we are not trying to capture sounds that embarrass anyone, reveal strategies or let the audience eavesdrop on private conversations,” Carpenter said. “We’re simply capturing sounds that are situational to the game … outfielders yelling, ‘I got it!’ or the sound of the shortstop landing with a thud after a diving stop. We want to be able to share those natural game sounds with the FOX Sports audience.”

In addition to the on-field microphones, FOX Sports also has two parabolic mics positioned out of play on either side of the field, and a total of more than 100 All-Star microphones.

The MLB All-Star Game initiatives are the latest effort from FOX Sports Lab, a designed approach to exploring technical partnerships that give viewers a fresh perspective and ad sales teams more targeted sports integrations.


Staff & Support

  • Over 126 technicians
  • 24 support staff
  • 65+ man-hours over 5 days

Field Support

  • Over 264 strands of fiber
  • 3+ miles of fiber optic cable
  • 3 edit bays
  • 1 Gbps of data connectivity
  • 12 transmission paths

Cameras and Lenses

  • 33 HD game cameras
  • 4 SSMo 6X (360fps)
  • 2 SSMo 16X (960fps)
  • 2 Xmo (2000fps)
  • 2 RF cameras
  • 1 RF stabilized camera (MOVI)
  • 1 RF RC car
  • 2 c360 cameras
  • 1 aerial camera


  • Submix
  • 12 RF player/announcer/umpire mics
  • 8 RF FX mics
  • 9 RF base mics
  • 78 field microphones
  • 14 RF infield microphones