Bisping on Where Holloway Fits in the Division: “He joined the company of Conor McGregor as the only other person to stop Jose Aldo.”
Swanson on Fighting Holloway Next: “I think that’s the most exciting fight you can make.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 212 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Michael Bisping, Cub Swanson and Rashad Evans providing analysis. Laura Sanko conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Michael Bisping on how Max Holloway defeated Jose Aldo: “The fight started good for Jose Aldo. As it progressed, there was a warm up period. But it’s not a sprint. Max slowly but surely took over the fight. In the second round he started channeling his inner Nate Diaz and got more and more comfortable. Jose gassed and Max was all over him. Once Max decided he wanted to make it a brawl, it was his kind of fight and he was ready.”

FOX UFC analyst Cub Swanson on Holloway’s victory: “I think we all said the same thing – ‘Wow!’ It was a slow start for Holloway, like we predicted. Then they started to bang. Holloway wasn’t using those angles, but Jose gassed himself out by throwing big punches. We were surprised that Jose didn’t throw more kicks.”

FOX UFC analyst Rashad Evans on Holloway’s confidence in the fight: “His star just got brighter. He just beat a legend. He maintained his poise at the beginning of the fight, started to believe in himself and his confidence grew through the first two rounds. Jose was circling, but Max was following him. Finally, Max got the shot that put him down. I liked how Jose was switching up the tempo. Jose was taking some power shots and missing them. Missing a power punch takes more out of you than hitting them and I think that contributed to his fade.”

Bisping on the turning point in the fight: “It looked like Max was struggling to find his range. But at the end of second round, Aldo looked like he was sucking air and then he got finished. We spoke at length about Jose’s kicks, but he didn’t use them at all. When he watches this fight back, he’s going to ask why?”

Swanson on the change in the featherweight division: “Not only did Max have that long win streak, but against different styles of fighters. I think that run could have been greater because he lost some close fights that I thought he won. What he did against Aldo can’t be called a fluke.”

Bisping on where Holloway fits in the division now: “He joined the company of Conor McGregor as the only one to stop Jose Aldo. That’s pretty special company. What Max just did was very impressive. You can’t beat what Conor did with the one hit.”

Max Holloway on how it feels to beat Aldo: “It feels great. He had everything I wanted. But his time is over. Welcome to the Blessed era. I want to go to Hawaii now!”

Holloway on who he wants to fight next: “I’m not racing through the division, I’m cleaning it out. Cub, I fought you, but you can get it again. If I haven’t fought you, come and get it.”

Holloway on if he was surprised Aldo didn’t kick more: “Yeah, I was. He had aspirations of being a boxer. You guys say I’m one of the best boxers in the division. I took my time and showed it.”

Holloway on having Aldo land some big punches in the beginning of the fight: “It is what it is. Slow and steady wins the race. I was taking my time. I knew he would fade in the later rounds. I don’t try to weather the storm. That’s a losing mentality right there. My game plan was to go where ever the fight took me.”

Holloway on how he felt fighting Aldo: “I thought he was going to be faster. When I was in there, after I got used to his timing, I loosened it up, started having fun and taunting him. The man is the Goat, but this is my reign now.”

Holloway on the UFC going to Hawaii: “Do you think it’s time? I think the whole world thinks it’s time. Let’s get the damn thing done!”

Holloway on what’s next: “I’m going home and I’m going to eat some ice cream. I’ll get fat. I’ll take a week off, then get right back in there. Dana White, you told me this is big game hunting. Bring in the big game. It’s time to get paid!”

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Swanson on who’s next for Holloway: “Clearly me. We had a good go at it. He was the better man that night. I had a few injuries and I tanked. I’ve come back and I’m better now. I think that’s the most exciting fight you can make. I’ve been waiting for the division to open up. This is huge. It’s never been more exciting.”

Bisping on Claudia Gadelha vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz: “This fight is like Claudia, it’s short and sweet. Karolina was better on the feet, but Claudia was better on the ground. Once Claudia got her hands on Karolina, she took her to the ground and it was all over.”

Evans on what was different with Gadelha this time: “She has a chip on her shoulder and has gone out to Albuquerque and reinvented herself. She was hunting for the finish the whole time and got it.”

Claudia Gadelha on what she changed going into the fight: “I’ve been saying all week, I’ve changed. I had eight hard weeks training away from my family. But I had to become the new Claudia. I felt like I needed attention. A coach and training partners. I challenged myself. And that’s what I did. The new Claudia is coming. I want to become the person to beat [champion] Joanna [Jedrzejczyk].”

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Evans on how long Vitor Belfort should keep fighting: “Vitor may be at the verge of retiring. He got a solid win. But I don’t want to see him fight five more times.”

Bisping on if Belfort should keep fighting: “He’s been fighting the best in the division. With Nate, he moved down a little in the division. Maybe he can get five more wins fighting at that level. He’s out there doing the job he loves, so what? If he can continue to do that, why do you have to hate on that?”

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