Woodley on Jedrzejczyk’s title defense: “Andrade had no answer for Joanna’s straight jab and cross. Joanna showed she was a true champion tonight.”
Stann on Alvarez vs. Poirier: “Those were illegal moves. That should be a disqualification for Alvarez and a win for Poirier. What makes me upset is that we continue to have controversy over these rules. We have to fix this.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 211 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Brian Stann and Tyron Woodley providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.

FOX UFC analyst Tyron Woodley on Stipe Miocic vs. Junior Dos Santos: “Stipe was very patient tonight. He used his kicks to back up Dos Santos. And he put Dos Santos’ back against the Octagon. That’s where he found the opening, landed the punch and ended it.”

FOX UFC analyst Brian Stann on Miocic: “He looked absolutely fantastic. He has next level confidence. I think he’s at a different level. He believes it now. He knows how good he can be. He’s more accurate. It’s all starting to come together. When there was an opening, bam, he hit it.”

Woodley on what’s changed with Miocic: “Stipe has more confidence now. The first time he fought Dos Santos, he lost. He went back to the drawing board. This time he was patient. He slowly went after him and hunted him down.”

Stann on who is next for Miocic: “We know Francis Ngannou is coming up fast. He’s young. He can be a threat. I just don’t want to see him pushed to quickly yet. Stipe will want to take him down. I think we can see Stipe here for some time. I think he can go down on as the best heavyweight ever.”

Woodley on Miocic’s future: “He’s a better version of Cain Velasquez. He’ll be champ for a long time.”

Stipe Miocic on his improved hand speed and accuracy: “It’s my coaches. We drill it over and over. They put in so much time and effort. We look at so much film. They put in as much effort as I do.”

Miocic on if he was anticipating Dos Santos to lower his hands: “Yeah, he did it last fight too. He was trying to be elusive. I caught him with the first punch and he didn’t like it and I doubled up on it and got him.”

Miocic who’s on next: “I don’t care. I don’t pick my fights. I just want to go home and relax a little bit.”

Miocic on if he got hurt at all in the fight: “He got me with a few kicks. I checked the last one and he didn’t like that.”

VIDEO: Interview: Miocic on his title defense

VIDEO: Highlights: Miocic vs. Dos Santos

Woodley on Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Andrade: “The fastest way between two points is a straight line. Andrade had no answer to Joanna’s straight jab and cross. Joanna showed she was a true champion and is consistently creative in the Octagon.”

Stann on Jedrzejczyk’s dominance: “She might be one of the best strikers we’ve ever seen in the Octagon. I’ll put her against anyone. If she faces Rose Namajunas next, Rose is very young in this game. She doesn’t have ten fights yet. But Rose has developed one of the best jabs and she’s now controlling the range. And if she can use her footwork and not be there when Joanna’s jab comes out, she might make it a fight.”

Woodley on Jedrzejczyk’s technique: “She was throwing her jab, then she’d back away. Then as she was getting followed, she would put a jab back out and make her opponent run into it and just land on their own sword.”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk on if she was happy with her performance: “Yes this was one of the best fights I’ve ever done. I’m 14 – 0 in MMA now. My striking is on a good level. My wrestling and jiu-jitsu is getting better. I train with the best in the world at American Top Team. I’m very happy.”

Jedrzejczyk on who’s next: “That’s my question to you. Who’s next?”

VIDEO: Highlights: Jedrzejczyk vs. Andrade

VIDEO: Interview: Jedrzejczyk is ‘very happy’ after title fight vs. Jessica Andrade

Woodley on Demian Maia vs. Jorge Masvidal: “This fight surprised me. The way he got to the takedown is very unconventional. Jorge had some success with his kicks. But when Maia got to the position, there was no answer for it and he got the victory.”

Stann on what makes Maia so good: “Once Maia got Masvidal down, there was no escape. What he does is brilliant and he’s doing this against the best in the world. This isn’t just jiu-jitsu. This is mixed martial arts grappling and people think they can handle him and then they can’t.”

Demian Maia on Masvidal: “He was so tough. I didn’t expect it. He was dangerous. I was able to control the distance and get him down.”

Maia to Woodley on a title fight next: “I hope you give me the chance next.”

Woodley to Maia: “As we say at Roufusport: ‘They think they want us, but they don’t.’”

VIDEO: Highlights: Maia vs. Masvidal

UFC president Dana White on Stipe Miocic’s victory: “I thought Junior Dos Santos looked very good leading into the fight and Stipe absolutely crushed him and made it look easy. He looks unbelievable and keeps getting better.”

White on Jedrzejczyk’s title defense: “It was like surgery in there. She completely picked her apart. She fought a perfect fight. But there’s always someone to challenge her and come up next. We’ll see who’s next.”

VIDEO: Dana White on Miocic’s quick win, Jedrzejczyk’s title defense

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Stann on Alvarez vs. Poirier and the current rules: “Those were illegal moves. That should be a disqualification for Alvarez and a win for Poirier. Here’s the frustration. We set new rules, but we rarely use them. We go to different cities every week and the fighters have no idea what knees are allowed or what point scores we’re going by. I was in Brazil and it was a mixture of the old and new rules. Come on. We’re better than this. Decide on rules and go with them, so the athletes and referees know them. Get the rules right. What makes me upset is that we continue to have controversy over these rules. We have to fix this.”

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