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Joel Klatt

FOX Sports Analysts Preview College Football Conference Championship Weekend

This afternoon, FOX Sports lead college football game analyst Joel Klatt and studio analyst Robert Smith previewed conference championship weekend. Three conference champions are crowned this week on the FOX broadcast network, beginning with the Pac-12 Championship Game between No. 4 Washington and No. 8 Colorado. Pregame coverage begins at 8:00 PM ET. On Saturday, No. 9 Oklahoma hosts No. 10 Oklahoma State in “Bedlam,” which this year determines the winner of the Big 12. Coverage begins at 12:00 PM ET. Saturday night, beginning at 7:00 PM ET, the exciting weekend concludes with FOX’s presentation of the Big Ten Championship Game between No. 6 Wisconsin and No. 7 Penn State.

Robert Smith says the winner of the Big Ten Championship Game should be in the College Football Playoff, regardless of what else happens around the country:
“The winner of the Big Ten Championship should be in either way, if Washington wins or Colorado wins. Regardless of if it’s Colorado or Washington, I think the winner of Penn State-Wisconsin deserves that fourth spot, assuming Clemson wins.”

Joel Klatt says the winner of the Big Ten Championship Game should make the College Football Playoff ahead of Michigan:
“I don’t believe that you should penalize a team for wining their division, which is essentially what you would be doing to either Wisconsin or Penn State for having to play this extra game, and then just allowing Michigan to go in. So if Washington were to lose, I fully believe you should take the conference champion, even though Michigan would hold a head-to-head victory.

“The question should be more about Ohio State. They did not win their division. They did not win their conference championship. Even with one loss, I believe that if you’re going to talk about “deserving,” you need to talk about the conference champions first and then start whittling down. And then if there’s someone that’s unequivocally a better team, then maybe we should talk about them being included. But the whittling down process I think should only happen after you include the most deserving conference champions. If Washington were to lose, I certainly expect that the committee would include the Big Ten Champion.”

Smith says Bedlam, between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, should play a factor in determining the top four teams:
“I think people need to think about Bedlam, particularly if it’s Oklahoma State winning on the road in this game and losing a game against Central Michigan, in which the refs acknowledged that the last play of the game awarded to Central Michigan, which was the difference in the game – the reason that Oklahoma State lost – was a mistake, a misinterpretation of the rules. I have a problem, quite frankly, with Oklahoma State even being considered a two-loss team because of that.

“Oklahoma State is a more interesting case than Oklahoma, but I think either one of those teams would probably get deference over Michigan, although it would be interesting to see.”

Klatt says the most interesting matchup of the weekend will be between Penn State and Wisconsin:
“I’m thrilled to be in Indianapolis and to be doing the Big Ten game this week. I’m so interested in this game, as we all are, because of what it could mean for the Playoff – in particular with Ohio State sitting where they’re at and what the committee would do with the potential champion, in particular if that champion were to be Penn State. That’s obviously going to be a huge story line during the game.

“As far as in the game and what I’m most excited to see – there are a lot of matchups that I’m excited about, but the best one, or the one that I think would mean the most in terms of the results, would be Trace McSorley and the zone run game with Saquon Barkley against those two outside linebackers – those great players Vince Biegel and T.J. Watt from Wisconsin. That’s going to be the focal point of the Penn State run game, trying to get McSorley and Barkley going in the run game so they can get to their play-action pass and other stuff in their offense off of that. And then obviously those outside line backers Biegel and Watt are such good players and they’re so disruptive – as a lot of the coaches would say it they are game changers.”

Smith has his eye on Penn State’s defense:
“They’ve gotten so healthy and so good defensively – they’re sacking opposing quarterbacks almost 10 percent of drop-backs. People say that’s not a big deal against Wisconsin because they want to run the ball, but Penn State does a pretty good job at stopping the run. Over the last four or five weeks straight, Penn State has held opponents below three yards per carry. So, if Wisconsin can’t throw the ball – [Alex] Hornibrook has been in and out of the concussion protocol and Bart Houston has stepped in and at times has been good, but neither one of them has been great. I’ m really excited to see how this matchup works, because I don’t think either offense has a great matchup against the opposing defense.”

Klatt, a former Colorado quarterback, says he is surprised and happy by his alma mater’s success this season:
“It has been unexpected and shocking, and I don’t use those terms lightly. Even coming into this season, with a veteran-laden roster, they just hadn’t proven anything other than they lost some close games, and they lost a lot of them. This has been a real breath of fresh air to see not only an administration stick with a coach knowing where their program was, not thinking too highly of themselves, and they gave Mike MacIntyre the time he needed to build something. They also invested in the program and built the new Champions Center, and they did some things that made the kids feel like football was important – that it mattered to people not just inside the program, but outside the program. And then you’ve got to give a lot of credit to the seniors like Sefo Liufau who’s just been incredible. I am so happy for them.

“I have been so happy for those kids that they’ve been able to enjoy some success at the University of Colorado because it’s a special place. I couldn’t be more happy for them, and I think they’ve done it the right way.”

Klatt says Alabama is still the favorite to win the national title, but has not been tested yet this season:
“I’m certainly going to favor Alabama, and I’m going to pick them to win the national championship because I think they’re that good, but I do think it’s closer than people think, to this point. The margin that they’ve been given is probably too large compared to what they’ve been able to do against what I would categorize as a pretty soft schedule.”

Smith agrees that Alabama’s schedule is soft, and says Clemson or Ohio State are Alabama’s biggest threats:
“I would like to see USC in a rematch against Alabama right now, by the way.

“People say that running quarterbacks that can throw always give Alabama trouble, but they give everybody trouble. That’s why I put Ohio State and Clemson toward the top of that list because they do have dual-threat quarterbacks that can put defenders in conflict with run/pass options in particular, which gives every defense trouble. I am interested to see Alabama outside of the SEC because … the SEC is really, really bad this year.”


FOX Sports Taps GoPro for First-of-its-Kind, On-Field Perspective at Big Ten Football Championship Game

FOX Sports Lab, the designed approach to exploring technical partnerships that give viewers a fresh perspective and ad sales teams more targeted sports integrations, is teaming with GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) to offer a unique in-broadcast viewpoint from Saturday’s Big Ten Football Championship Game on the FOX broadcast network. Pregame coverage begins at 7:00 PM ET live from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

After a successful test at last weekend’s Wisconsin-Minnesota Big Ten matchup, FOX Sports will offer a completely new championship game viewing experience for fans by featuring live, in-game footage captured from the perspective of the referees, thanks to a collaboration with GoPro. GoPro worked closely with FOX Sports and Big Ten officials to design a referee-worn hat that delivers a unique POV perspective from the heart of the action, available for use during the FOX game broadcast.

Take a peek: FOX Sports-GoPro Referee Hat Cam

“This is the continuing challenge we’ve taken on all year,” said Michael Davies, FOX Sports Senior Vice President Technical & Field Operations. “It’s in our FOX Sports DNA to constantly challenge our team to come up with new and interesting ways to enhance the viewing experience, bring fans closer to the action and make the story of sports even more compelling … this project with GoPro accomplishes all of that.”

The GoPro footage will not only be seen on-air, but viewers can also find video clips digitally. Throughout the game, FOX Sports’ social media accounts and will capture and share footage caught from this exclusive point of view, which also will be available during the game as an isolated stream on FOX Sports GO. FOX Sports Digital works hand in hand with FOX Sports Lab in an effort to bring sports fans experiences that go well beyond the best seat in the house.

“GoPro changed the world by unlocking new perspectives of sports that put viewers into the middle of the action," said Todd Ballard, Vice President of Global Sports Entertainment Marketing at GoPro. “We’ve been looking forward to enabling the GoPro POV from the gridiron, and are excited to see how FOX Sports chooses to showcase these perspectives during the Big Ten Football Championship — both in the broadcast and on social media."

In 2016, FOX Sports, through its FOX Sports Lab continues to be a leader in sports television production, working with aerial drones, virtual reality and big data analytics in cutting edge ways, highlighted by high-profile VR productions from major events throughout the year, including the Daytona 500, U.S. Open Championship, Big East college basketball tournament, college football, Bundesliga soccer, PBC boxing and Monster Jam monster truck races.

Jamie Little

Get to Know FOX NASCAR Reporter and Las Vegas Native Jamie Little

This extended Q&A marks the next in a series with FOX Sports motor sports personalities to be highlighted over the next several months. FOX NASCAR reporter Jamie Little, who also covers Supercross for FS1, hails from Las Vegas, site of this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Ceremony and NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion’s Week. As part of the 2016 celebration, Little will host Thursday’s NASCAR Victory Lap on the Strip. For more information on Little, please CLICK HERE.

FOX SPORTS: You just became a mother for the second time, giving birth to Sierra. How is she doing and how has Carter adjusted to becoming a big brother?

LITTLE: “She is wonderful. Our little angel. We tried for a couple of years to have another and really didn’t think it was in the cards for us. Then, the day after this year’s Daytona 500, we found out I was pregnant. She’s truly a miracle. Carter is adjusting to big-brother status. He loves her but is scared of her at the same time.”

FOX SPORTS: Sierra’s name has a special meaning for you. How did you choose it?

LITTLE: “I was born in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., home of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. If you’ve been there, you know it’s truly heaven on earth. You also see ‘Sierra’ as the name of so many things there. It’s a name I really loved and we discussed before our first child was born. There wasn’t another girl’s name on the list. It suits her perfectly. Sierra Lynn Selman — sounds like a country singer, doesn’t it?”

FOX SPORTS: Daytona will be here before you know it, and now you’ll have two children to juggle on the road. What are your plans for traveling with the children this season and, in particular, at Daytona?

LITTLE: “I so wish I was able to travel with my kids to every race, but there’s just no way. Given that I live on the West Coast, the flights are too long for little ones to do every week. Plus, when I’m on the road I’m at the track most of my waking hours. It wouldn’t be fair to the kids. However, every year we go to Daytona as a family for the two weeks of SpeedWeeks. We rent a condo there and have the whole family come. It’s worked out great with Carter the last two years, and now we’ll add Sierra to the mix. I work such long hours while there that it’s such a blessing to come back to the condo and see their little faces and get to be mom. Plus, we take our son to the track a couple times, and he loves it. Kyle Busch is his favorite, as he lines his pockets with M&M’s while there.”

FOX SPORTS: You recently became one of nine women in your hometown of Las Vegas to be recognized for your charitable work with the annual Vegas Gives award. Tell us about your charity of choice and why it’s a passion of yours.

LITTLE: “This was such a nice surprise. Such powerful, influential women top that list each year, so I was definitely surprised to be honored. I’m on the Board of Trustees for the Las Vegas chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities (founded by Bruton Smith, with chapters located at all of his SMI tracks). I’m passionate about helping underprivileged kids, so this is a perfect way to give back. I chose them because they are a smaller charity that doesn’t get the attention most of the other charities receive locally. Every dollar I can raise for this Vegas Gives event goes straight to SCC. This year, I raised $5,000. It’s a great fundraising opportunity for me.”

FOX SPORTS: You are extremely active in the animal community in Las Vegas and have published a calendar. Tell us about this and how you got started with these efforts.

LITTLE: “When I signed with FOX I suddenly had the second half of the year free, something I’ve never had before. So, I took advantage of the time off by signing up to volunteer at The Animal Foundation here in Vegas. It’s Nevada’s largest shelter and one of the largest in the country. They received 34,000 homeless animals in 2015 alone. Staggering numbers. They cannot turn an animal away, no matter the size, health or temperament. I started working with the animals and walking dogs a few times a week and quickly realized I wanted to do more. I created the ‘Las Vegas to the Rescue’ calendar. I asked local celebs like UFC star Miesha Tate, Wayne Newton, Carrot Top and even NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan to pose with shelter dogs that I chose. I literally would pick up a dog of choice from the shelter and drive to the shoot. I’m happy to say we raised about $5,000 and every dog featured in the calendar found a home. My mission is to get everyone to adopt, not shop.”

FOX SPORTS: Once upon a time, you wanted a Clydesdale of your own. Has that gone anywhere, and if not, do you foresee ever owning one?

LITTLE: “Haha. Yes, I almost got a Budweiser Clydesdale. True story. When they sponsored Kevin Harvick two years ago, I was given the opportunity to visit Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri and see where all of the horses are bred and raised. They offered me a Clydesdale of my own. I went on a mission to find a place to board it in Vegas but came up short. Those horses eat a ton and need a lot of room and there isn’t much here. I’d love to make that dream a reality one day. ONE DAY I will have a farm. I’m animal obsessed. Krissie Newman, Ryan Newman’s wife, is my hero. What she’s done with their Rescue Ranch is so inspiring. They rescue animals of all types and educate children, too.”

FOX SPORTS: What is the wildest thing you witnessed while covering the X Games? If you could choose any extreme game activity to participate in, which one would it be and why?

LITTLE: “I’ve been very lucky to have witnessed and reported on some of the biggest moments in X Games history. Most of those were in Freestyle Motocross. I was there when Carey Hart attempted the first ever backflip (Gravity Games, 2001), then when Mike Metzger pulled off the-first-ever back-to-back backflips at X Games and the biggest moment ever was when Travis Pastrana pulled a double backflip. Those are all moments that will live on in history and in my heart. Freestyle is too crazy for me, so if I was going to compete at X Games, I’d be in Rallycross. Racing without putting my life on the line.”

FOX SPORTS: What would someone who doesn’t know you be surprised to learn about you?

LITTLE: “I’m an only child who was raised by a single mom. I don’t watch much TV, never have. I won the 2008 Toyota Pro Celebrity race in Long Beach, edging out Mike Skinner. I became the 2nd woman to ever win it, on the same day that Danica Patrick won her sole IndyCar race in Japan.”

FOX SPORTS: Modeling has been a large part of your career. Has it helped you as a broadcaster in any way? And do you still model or do you have plans to in the future?

LITTLE: “I grew up watching my mom as a showgirl at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. She was also a model on the side. That was normal to me, so it was natural that I aspired to be a model out of high school. I didn’t enjoy school and didn’t want to go to college. After six months in Los Angeles, I quickly learned that modeling wasn’t my cup of tea. I wanted to use my brain and voice instead of my looks to get ahead. I also realized that journalism was something I wanted to pursue, and if I was serious, I had to go to college. I signed up at San Diego State University and graduated with my journalism degree. I don’t like modeling necessarily, but I enjoy being a spokesperson for different companies. That’s fun.”

FOX SPORTS: What is your best memory of growing up the child of a showgirl? And did you inherit your mom’s dancing talents?

LITTLE: “First off, NO, I am not a dancer. I rode horses growing up and later raced downhill mountain bikes. There is no dancing talent in my body. My mom was a showgirl in the ‘80s. I met some pretty cool people.  A lot of big stars used to perform in Lake Tahoe, including Sammy Davis Jr. and many others. I also used to get to watch the show, but I had to watch upstairs from the lighting booth. It was pretty neat to be surrounded by all the showgirls and guys. My mom was the only one with a child at the time, so I was kind of like their mascot. I learned early how cool and fun entertainment could be.”

FOX SPORTS: Is there anything in your career that you haven’t covered that you’d like to?

LITTLE: “I’ve always wanted to cover the Olympics. Any sport. That would be quite the experience. But I’m a motorsports girl and I’m happy to say I’ve covered everything in that realm, and more, than I wanted to.”

FOX SPORTS: You’ve raced dirt bikes in the past and did quite well. Who from your FOX NASCAR on-air team would you most like to take for a dirt bike ride?

LITTLE: “I just played around, doing some little races in my 20s. I was better at racing a car. Of my co-workers, I’d like to ride with Chris Neville. He owns a bike and loves to ride. I’d like to see Jeff Gordon throw his leg over a dirt bike, too. I really enjoy the time I get to spend with him. He’s just so interesting with great stories.”


Kenny Florian

Broadcasters Set for Saturday’s THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE on FS1

LOS ANGELES – UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (@TWooodley) and retired UFC fighter and THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER season 1 finalist Kenny Florian (@KennyFlorian) serve as analysts for THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE live on FS1 and FOX Deportes on Saturday, Dec. 3 (10:00 PM ET).

THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE features UFC flyweight champion and top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Demetrious Johnson (24-2-1), looking for his ninth title defense when he meets the winner of this season’s THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER (revealed Wednesday evening on FS1).

In addition, a high-stakes matchup with title implications serves as the night’s co-main event, as top-ranked Joseph Benavidez (24-4) goes for his sixth straight win against No. 2 Henry Cejudo (10-1), who looks to use his Olympic wrestling pedigree to stifle Benavidez in this pivotal flyweight bout.

The main card also offers several other key bouts. Veteran welterweights No. 15 Jake Ellenberger (31-11) and Jorge Masvidal (30-11) look for a big win in Las Vegas. Light heavyweights Ion Cutelaba (12-2, 1NC) and Jared Cannonier (8-1) square off. No. 7-ranked bantamweight Sara McMann (9-3) faces Alexis Davis (16-6). Plus, a member of this season’s cast of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER and the No. 12-ranked flyweight Brandon Moreno (12-3) faces Ryan Benoit (9-4) to open the main card.

Also on the card, Las Vegas’ own Gray Maynard (13-6-1, 1 NC) meets THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER season 22 winner Ryan Hall (5-1) in a featherweight bout. Dynamic finisher Elvis Mutapcic (15-4-1,) clashes with knockout artist Anthony Smith (25-12) in a 185-pound showdown. Submission ace Josh Stansbury (8-3) makes his second Octagon appearance against the always dangerous middleweight Jake Collier (10-3) and strawweight up-and-comers Kailin Curran (4-3) and Jamie Moyle (3-1) battle.

Jon Anik (@Jon_Anik) and Brian Stann (@BrianStann) call the fights on FS1 live from Las Vegas, while Troy Santiago (@TroySantiagoTV) and Erik “Goyito” Perez (@Goyito_Perez) call the action in Spanish on FOX Deportes. Woodley and Florian join the FS1 desk alongside host Karyn Bryant (@KarynBryant) in FOX Sports’ Los Angeles studios for Friday and Saturday’s shows. Laura Sanko (@laura_sanko) interviews fighters on-site.

The two-hour THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE PRELIMS on FS1 and FOX Deportes begin at 8:00 PM ET and feature four bouts. Saturday’s coverage begins on FS1 (7:00 PM ET) with THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE PREFIGHT SHOW hosted by Bryant, with Woodley and Florian. The action wraps up after the main event with THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE POSTFIGHT SHOW. THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE WEIGH-IN SHOW takes place on Friday, Dec. 2 (6:00 PM ET) on FS1 and is hosted by Bryant, with Woodley, Florian and Sanko.

Plus, on the popular podcast Fight Society, host Damon Martin interviews TUF coach Joseph Benavidez about his co-main event bout. It’s available on iTunes and Soundcloud. Follow @UFConFOX on Twitter for live updates throughout the #TUFFinale fights this Saturday.

The final regular season episode of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: A TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, TEAM BENAVIDEZ VS. TEAM CEJUDO airs on FS1 Wednesday, Nov. 30 (10:00 PM ET), followed by its companion show TUF TALK (11:00 PM ET). UFC TONIGHT follows at 11:30 PM ET on FS2, featuring previews of the upcoming TUF FINALE and interviews with co-main event fighters Benavidez and Cejudo, plus Alan Jouban.

For notes, coverage, bios, photography and more, visit the FOX UFC page on FOX Sports Press Pass.







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Rob Stone, Robert Smith, Matt Leinart and Dave Wannstedt at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson & Washington Make Up This Week’s FOX FOUR

With the third year of the College Football Playoff era in full swing, FOX Sports assembles a panel of broadcasters, writers and production staff to vote on the FOX FOUR, a collective ranking of the top four teams in the country presented on each week until the official College Football Playoff field is announced.

This week, the committee voted No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Clemson and No. 4 Washington its top four teams. Michigan also received votes.

Click HERE for more on this week’s FOX FOUR.

Fernando Fiore

FOX Sports Travels to Russia for 2017 Confederations Cup Draw Saturday

FOX Sports, home of the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017, heads to Kazan for the 2017 Confederations Cup Draw and offers an hour-long coverage of the ceremony which determines the final match schedule for the “Tournament of Champions.” FS1’s presentation airs Saturday, Nov. 26 at 10:00 AM ET and is streamed live on FOX Sports GO, via the mobile app and most connected devices, and on desktop through Games are also available on the FOX Soccer 2GO mobile app and via desktop with a subscription.

Rob Stone hosts studio coverage with live on-site analysis from Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Fernando Fiore and senior editorial researcher Mark Young in Kazan. Russian President Vladimir Putin is among the noteworthy attendees expected to be on hand for the ceremony at the Kazan Tennis Academy in central Russia.

The FIFA Confederations Cup features eight teams, winners of each of the six FIFA confederation championships (UEFA, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, CAF, AFC and OFC) along with the reigning FIFA World Cup champion and the host nation. The 2017 edition includes hosts Russia, 2014 FIFA World Cup winner Germany, Copa America champion Chile, CONCACAF Gold Cup winner Mexico, UEFA Euro champion Portugal, OFC Nations Cup winner New Zealand, and AFC Asian Cup holder Australia. The African representative will be decided in February 2017. FOX Sports televises the full FIFA Confederations Cup from June 17, 2017 to July 2, 2017 across its portfolio of networks.

All FOX soccer information, including biographies, photographs and archived press releases are available on FOX Sports Press Pass.

Rob Stone, Matt Leinart, Joel Klatt & Dave Wannstedt

Pac-12 Championship Contenders Determined This Week on FOX

The path to the Pac-12 Championship Game plays out on the FOX broadcast network this weekend with win-and-in games on Friday and Saturday. Friday at 3:30 PM ET, No. 23 Washington State hosts No. 5 Washington in the Apple Cup with the winner clinching the Pac-12 North and advancing to play for the conference championship at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. Then on Saturday at 7:30 PM ET, No. 9 Colorado welcomes No. 22 Utah with a Pac-12 South title on the line for the Buffs. Coverage of the Pac-12 Championship Game begins at 8:00 PM ET next Friday, Dec. 2, on FOX.

Friday’s coverage begins at 3:00 PM ET on FOX and FS1 with host Rob Stone and analysts Matt Leinart, Robert Smith and Dave Wannstedt live from FOX Sports’ Los Angeles studio. During the pregame show, Joel Klatt sits down with Washington head coach Chris Petersen, and Bruce Feldman is live from Austin with the latest on Texas head coach Charlie Strong. At 3:30 PM ET, Gus Johnson, Klatt and Shannon Spake are on the call as the Cougars host the Huskies on FOX, while over on FS1, Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman and Feldman call TCU at Texas.

Saturday night in prime time, Colorado hosts Utah with a chance to clinch the Pac-12 South. FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREGAME begins at 7:00 PM ET before Joe Davis, Brady Quinn and Jenny Taft are live from Folsom Field at 7:30 PM ET. A full day of action on FS1 begins at 11:00 AM ET with a one-hour edition of FS1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREGAME leading into Kansas at K-State at 12:00 PM ET and No. 18 West Virginia at Iowa State at 3:30 PM ET.

Fans can also log on to Facebook for “The Audible on Facebook Live,” a program hosted by Kristen Balboni with Feldman and Stewart Mandel that recaps the day’s action. An extension of Feldman and Mandel’s popular podcast of the same name, “The Audible on Facebook Live” can be seen each Saturday after the afternoon and evening slate of games. For notifications, like the CFB on FOX page on Facebook.


#5 Washington at #23 Washington State
Friday, Nov. 25 (3:30 PM ET), FOX & FOX Deportes
Announcers: Gus Johnson, Joel Klatt and Shannon Spake

TCU at Texas
Friday, Nov. 25 (3:30 PM ET), FS1
Announcers: Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman and Bruce Feldman

Kansas at K-State
Saturday, Nov. 26 (12:00 PM ET) FS1
Announcers: Brian Custer and Petros Papadakis

Illinois at Northwestern
Saturday, Nov. 26 (12:00 PM ET), BTN
Announcers: Cory Provus, Glen Mason and Allison Hayes

#18 West Virginia at Iowa State
Saturday, Nov. 26 (3:30 PM ET), FS1
Announcers: Aaron Goldsmith and Ben Leber

Minnesota at #6 Wisconsin
Saturday, Nov. 26 (3:30 PM ET), BTN
Announcers: Kevin Kugler, Matt Millen and Lisa Byington

#22 Utah at #9 Colorado
Saturday, Nov. 26 (7:30 PM ET), FOX
Announcers: Joe Davis, Brady Quinn and Jenny Taft


FOX Sports Thankful for New BUNDESLIGA Season-High Ratings Last Weekend on FOX and FS1

FOX Sports’ Bundesliga presentations on Saturday, Nov. 19, and Sunday, Nov. 20, set new season highs on the FOX broadcast network and FS1, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Bayern Munich’s first Bundesliga loss of the season to Borussia Dortmund delivered 426,000 viewers Saturday on FOX, making it the most-watched Bundesliga match on the broadcast network this season. The next day, Hoffenheim extended its unbeaten start in the Bundesliga to an 11th game with a 2-2 draw against Hamburg, and delivered 102,000 viewers on FS1, making it the most-watched Bundesliga match ever on the channel.

Bundesliga action continues this weekend with six matches, including Christian Pulisic’s Borussia Dortmund, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez’s Bayer Leverkusen and German powerhouse Bayern Munich. The weekend’s full schedule can be found on FOX Sports Press Pass.

All FOX soccer information, including biographies, photographs and archived press releases are available on FOX Sports Press Pass.

Shannon Sharpe, Joy Taylor and Skip Bayless on UNDISPUTED in New York City


Los Angeles – Longtime journalist Rob Parker joins FS1 as a contributor to SKIP AND SHANNON: UNDISPUTED, bringing decades of sports media experience and an inimitable perspective to America’s fastest-growing daily studio show. The announcement was made today by Charlie Dixon, Executive Vice President of Content for FS1 and FS2.

“Rob is a fearless and distinctive voice that is a seamless addition to the UNDISPUTED team,” Dixon said. “We are thrilled to have him join the show and look forward to the thought-provoking analysis we know he will bring to the roundtable.”

Early in his career, Parker became the first African-American sports columnist at the Detroit Free Press in 1993 and New York’s Newsday in 1995. Parker has since written for a number of publications, including nearly a decade as a columnist at the Detroit News (2000-2008), and currently writes for The Shadow League.

Parker has been a mainstay on Detroit sports television since 1994, when he became a contributor to WDIV’s “Sports Final Edition.” He held that position until earlier this year, when he transitioned to his current role as the sports anchor for WXYZ/WMYD’s nightly “Action News.”

Parker made the jump to national sports television as a contributor for ESPN in 2005. Having previously made regular appearances on ESPN’s “First Take,” Parker reunites with Skip Bayless on UNDISPUTED, and will also have three-time Super Bowl champion Shannon Sharpe and moderator Joy Taylor to contend with this time around.

SKIP AND SHANNON: UNDISPUTED airs on FS1 weekdays from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM ET. For more information, please visit–undisputed.

Jeff Gordon

Catching up with Jeff Gordon After His First Year in FOX NASCAR Booth

Four-time champion and FOX NASCAR analyst Jeff Gordon wrapped his first season in the television booth in 2016 following retirement from full-time driving. Below, he discusses his inaugural season as a broadcaster and what he learned from above the race track.

You’re amidst a national tour promoting your new book, Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny (available nationally Nov. 22). What was the most challenging part of the book for you to write?

“We reveal some things that are definitely a little controversial, whether it be my divorce or talking about my parents’ separation, as well as the relationship between Jimmie Johnson and I and although I’m a huge supporter of his and friend of his, how that has been challenged over time, as well as the separation with Ray (Evernham) when he left the team. It hasn’t always been great, perfect and happy times, and it was tough to tell myself that if I’m going to write a book, I want it to be done in a way that shows who I truly I am and the things I went through and not hold back. I think Joe Garner did an excellent job of pulling that out of me, although it was hard at times.”

How would you grade yourself on your first year in the FOX NASCAR booth?

“I’d give myself a B. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun and thought Mike (Joy) and DW and Larry (McReynolds) really welcomed me, which made me feel comfortable and helped me adapt and learn and enjoy it that much more. I’m someone who likes to strive for more. I thought it went well, and based on reaction I’d gotten from fans and other people I respect in the sport, I’m happy that they seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I say a B because I was very nervous and had a lot to learn this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes next year because I feel I can improve each time I’m in the booth.”

Is there anything in particular you plan to work on in the booth next year – perhaps a weakness you’ve zeroed in on?

“A lot of it is having natural pauses in your speaking and making sure you’re not saying, ‘um’ and ‘ah’ and adding ‘fill’ words. Just add to the conversation when it’s necessary and natural to add, as opposed to getting into the mode of talking because I think it’s my time to talk. I don’t need to do that because Mike Joy is amazing at what he does, and DW is amazing at what he adds. So, I just need to be as good as I can be at adding what I think is important or interesting or what I’m capable of doing and not trying to do more than that.”

Did you watch FOX races back this season of which you were a part?

“I watched a couple back at the beginning of the year, and I’m definitely my strongest critic, whether it be hearing my voice or things I say. I think it was good (to do), but at the same time, I feel like I’m pretty good at naturally analyzing immediately after the race whether I should have done something differently or what went well or what I should do more of.”

You said you didn’t watch many of the FOX races back of which you were a part. When FOX concluded its portion of the season, was it strange to watch races on TV from home for the first time?

“That was so odd just sitting at home watching a race from my couch on a Sunday. That was the first time I’d done that since 1992. That was almost like an out-of-body experience. It was really an out-of-body experience when I then had to climb back in the car, out of the car (to substitute for Dale Earnhardt Jr.) and so forth.”