UK man picks sports over safety

An elderly British man initially refused to leave his home after contractors found a suspected World War II bomb in his yard, because he was watching sports on TV, the Exeter Express and Echo reported Thursday.

The unnamed man, in his 80s, was ordered to evacuate his home in Exeter, southwestern England, after contractors building an extension to the house discovered a suspicious-looking cylinder tube with two pistons on the end, which they thought was a bomb.

Police and a bomb disposal squad were called to the scene and 15 houses were evacuated, but the elderly man complained he would not move until the end of a crucial bocce ball — known in Britain as lawn bowls — final on TV.

Contractor Martin Murphy, who found the device, said, "The guy we are doing the work for is a lovely guy. He is someone who has seen it all and done it all."

"The funniest part was he was watching television when he heard about the suspicious device and said he would leave as soon as the bowls had finished," he added. "He was not happy when he had to stop watching the game."

Officials later concluded the device was not a bomb and believe it may have been a World War II shell.