First clothes stripped, then dignity

REWRITE soccer streaker interrupts finnish soccer match goal disallowed tackled by home team on pitch hjk rops 052713.

Let's just call this, "Everything you need to know on how NOT to be a fan."

Step 1: Interrupt your team's game just before it scores a goal. Check.

Step 2: Have said goal then be disallowed due to your interference. Check.

Step 3: Get taken out by the players on your team. Check.

The details:

On Sunday night, HJK, the most successful team in Finnish soccer, was hosting ROPS. HJK was in striking range when a fan dressed in black spandex took to the pitch, ran through the developing play while disrobing, and headed toward midfield.

In that time, HJK scored, and then had the goal waived off by the referee. None too pleased, some HJK players went after their, ummm, supporter, taking him down with authority before security ushered him off the field.