Reaction to Boston Marathon tragedy

Two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon on Monday, and our
thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this tragedy. The
following is a roundup of how the events unfolded on Twitter and
how the world reacted. Note:Some of the following includes images
that could be disturbing.

Here is an interactive map of the scene of the explosions:

While the nation struggle to comprehend the day’s events as
Monday turned into Tuesday, authorities instead focused on finding

A first look at Tuesday’s Boston Globe front page:

And the Daily Mail:

Commander Chris Hadfield, currently living on the International
Space Station, tweeted this photo from space late Monday night:

UPDATE: As the initial news reports subsided and details
about the attacks were confirmed, focus turned to response and

Good Samaritans were at the ready for the victims:

Others paid tribute in other ways:

Throughout the day’s events and into the evening, the Boston
Police Department was quite active in updating the public with
information and instructions:

The moment the world changed: How the world
reported the blasts: