Pee-wee player in trouble for head kick

One of the most basic and highly-regarded tenets in both life and sports is to not kick a man when he’s down — but one Missouri boy did just that to a 12-year-old opponent during a pee-wee football game, and now he’s been suspended for his actions.

The incident occurred in Sedalia, Mo., about 90 minutes east of Kansas City, during an Oct. 5 game between the Sedalia Broncos and the Moniteau Monsters. In the video below, you can see a player from the Moniteau team throw a Sedalia player to the ground after a play and then intentionally kick him in the head.

According to KCTV in Kansas City, the victim was 12-year-old Maurice Martin. The boy’s mother, Keesha Martin, told the station that her son suffered a concussion as a result of the attack.

Martin also told KCTV that both her son and the unnamed Moniteau player were ejected from the game following the incident — her son for removing his helmet and cursing and the other player for unsportsmanlike conduct — but that the other player was spotted playing in another game soon after the confrontation, even though she had been told he was suspended for two games.

Unhappy that the boy who kicked her son was back on the field so soon, Martin posted the video to the KCTV Facebook page, and after the station showed the video to Sedalia Football League commissioner Jimmy Brown, Brown decided to suspend the player for the rest of the season.