HS coach busted & busted up big time

Connecticut high school football coach Christian Garnett arrested, tasered after police stop

A Connecticut high school football coach was arrested after a confrontation with police during a traffic stop early Thursday morning and received a nasty shiner in the process.

According to the Norwalk Hour, 32-year-old Christian Garnett, a freshman football coach at Darien High School, failed two field sobriety tests and attempted to fight officers after he was pulled over at 12:41 a.m. when he was seen driving on a flat tire.

And based on the mugshot in the News 12 Connecticut report below, this wasn’t a case of “you should have seen the other guy.”

“After failing two of the field sobriety tests, Garnett said there was ‘no way’ he could perform the third test, which required standing on one leg, according to police,” the Hour reports, noting that police also believe Garnett may have been trying to conceal drug contraband in his vehicle.

“[Officer Michelle] McSally tried to place him under arrest, and Garnett, who is 6-feet-2 and weighs 240 pounds, kicked her, police said. He continued resisting and flinging his arms and was punched twice in the face by [another] officer, according to police.”

Eventually, with the help of a Taser, police were able to take Garnett into custody, but it seems the fun didn’t stop there. Police say Garnett’s uncooperative behavior continued at the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

“Garnett tried to kick a camera out of the hands of an officer who was trying to document the assistant high school football coach’s injuries, police said,” the Hour reports.

“He also repeatedly called one officer a child, according to police. A doctor said he would have to administer sedatives to Garnett if his unruly behavior continued, and Garnett agreed to calm down, police said. Still, he harassed a group of male nurses, telling them, ‘You must be a real Tommy Toughnuts,’ according to police.”

It seems pretty rich for a guy who just got his face busted open by cops to talk tough to anyone, but if Garnett had that kind of good sense in the first place, he wouldn’t have found himself in the situation he was allegedly in. Garnett, a former defensive lineman at Brown, eventually was released after posting bond.

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