Beat the Tweets answer sheet

Are you cheating? Be sure you take a look at the blurred-out
versions of these and
your hand at guessing
first. But if you’re itching for the
answers, here they are:

No. 1: C.J. Watson



Last week, Watson
a deal
to be the new backup point guard for the Indiana Pacers.
Apparently he has some doubters, and he’s not too happy about

No. 2: Phil Jackson



With the Miami Heat perhaps working on a three-peat and the Los
Angeles Lakers over a decade removed now from theirs, the Zen
Master took time out to remind us all of the greatness of his
Chicago Bulls teams, posting this snazzy picture.

No. 3: Brandon McCarthy



While a clip of McCarthy’s
scary 2012
was playing during a recent episode of MLB Tonight, MLB
network analyst Mitch Williams said, “If you don’t pitch (inside),
this is what’s gonna happen.” McCarthy fired back with a scathing
rebutall and
a Twitter meme
in response.

No. 4: Iron Sheik



Yes, it’s our
Sheikie Baby. Often too full of controversial language
to feature in this space, the Sheik gets it just right with this

No. 5: Roddy White



The George Zimmerman verdict has elicted
of response from athletes
since it landed Saturday night. The
Falcons wide receiver sent out a particularly caustic tweet,
saying, “All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves
for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.” He later
followed up with this apology.

No. 6: Brian Vickers



It had been 139 races since Vickers had scored a Cup series win.
That stretch included a medical leave of absence to deal with a
blod clot issue. On Sunday, at Loudon, Vickers
the skid
and found himself back in Victory Lane.

No. 7: Jordan Spieth



Just 19 years old and a PGA tour winner. Spieth became the
winner in 82 years
on tour on Sunday when he won the John Deere
Classic in a playoff, earning himself a spot in the British Open
and starting a torrent of discussion about golf’s next big

No. 8: San Jose Sharks



The tweet of the week goes to the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. After
ESPN’s Twitter account sent them a — um — toothless
joke about
their name to the Sharknados
(because why
wouldn’t you want to be named for a campy Syfy original
movie?), the team responded with quite the burn.