Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter

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Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756476 Happy Gilmore Happy+Gilmore Other

Yes, Happy Gilmore has a Twitter page, and boy does he know how to use it. Where do we begin? How about here and here, and he's not afraid to go here too. Even Kim Kardashian isn't immune for this golfing legend's wrath. We can go on and on with all the phenomenal stuff he has on his page. But in the end, it's his hilarious dig on Derrick Rose that gets him on the list.

Breaking: Jesus Christ set to return before Derrick Rose.

— Happy Gilmore (@_Happy_Gilmore) May 15, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-3_20130515212747833_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-3_20130515212747833_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31753892 Peter Burns Peter+Burns Other

We know what you're thinking: who? And no he's not related to Montgomery (at least we don't think so). This radio host lets it fly on Twitter, going after the Jets, Duke fans and even John Travolta. He knows Bo knows Tecmo Bowl better than anyone -- EVER. And he might be asking Tiger you like them apples after this tweet.

2 Holes cost Sergio $800,000. 75 Holes cost Tiger $110 Million.

— Peter Burns (@PeterBurnsRadio) May 12, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-5_20130515221008852_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-5_20130515221008852_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756291 Peyton's Head Peyton%27s+Head Other

No, Peyton Manning didn’t make the cut -- his bobblehead did. He calls himself the ‘best head on Twitter’ and we can’t disagree. (Though how much competition is there?) This guy tweets about everything from comparing Tom Brady to Jim Carrey and giving a shout out to Dave Chappelle (or is that that Rick James?) The guy’s even a fan of our work and even takes shots at our top columnist. Maybe you can explain this. But what landed Peyton's Head on this list is this shot at the Knicks.

Having the Knicks play like a bunch of old white guys is a pretty creative tie-in promo for "Grown Ups 2"

— Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead) May 15, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-2_2013051423583752_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-2_2013051423583752_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756292 Paul Bissonnette Paul+Bissonnette Other

This NHL grinder is obviously friends with Sully from 'Monsters Inc.' and made our initial must-follow list so you know he's big time. Bissonnette -- for those in the know he's Biz Nasty -- isn't afraid to get down with Elmo (Is that Elmo?) and might be a distant relative of Bert from 'Sesame Street' fame. You gotta love anyone who puts his fitness first but also is also concerned about Santa Claus' well being. Mr. Nasty landed on this list for his love of ... working out?

Demolishing snatch all day. vine.co/v/b0EiTUVzljl — Paul Bissonnette (@BizNasty2point0) May 14, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-4_2013051423583754_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-4_2013051423583754_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756475 Josh Scobee Josh+Scobee Other

Kickers definitely have all the fun, and this Jags kicker is no exception. You gotta respect a guy who lets us know what he's doing when the wifey is out of the house. And who has the testicular fortitude to go after the Pillsbury Doughdoy? Speaking of which, he might have an unhealthy fascination with Bane. But it was his attempt to show an offensive lineman the tricks of his trade that gets him the nod.

Tried teaching our O-lineman how to kick....and WOW. twitter.com/JoshScobee10/s…

— Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) May 14, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-1_20130515212747831_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-1_20130515212747831_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756473 Evan Mathis Evan+Mathis Other

This Eagle claims to be the best rapper alive in his description but he might have a future in wrestling with his obvious passion for this legend and this one, too. He's also a fan of photography and is willing to share a potential gold mine. But his rebellious attitude toward the government might leave him feeling like this.

Audit this. :) instagram.com/p/ZVoxTXnxMU/

— Evan Mathis (@EvanMathis69) May 15, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-4_20130515212747832_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-4_20130515212747832_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756290 Graeme McDowell Graeme+McDowell Other

Yes, that is Graeme McDowell (Maybe he came down with a case of Gigantism like a certain baseball legend?) This PGA star has shown that he's amped for 'The Hangover 3', and we can't blame him with scenes like this from the original. But what separated Graeme this week is his shout out to Arnold Schwarzenegger. We all know the stylings of Arnold, and here are some of his best. (Warning: Graphic language.)

Get to the chaaaappppaaaa!! - Schwarzenegger#volvomatchplay moby.to/l3twom

— Graeme McDowell (@Graeme_McDowell) May 13, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-3_2013051423583755_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-3_2013051423583755_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756474 Pat McAfee Pat+McAfee Other

No, that's not a member of the Backstreet Boys (hey, who, but, huh?). The Colts kicker has a lotta love for Rodney Dangerfield and who could blame him? And since we're talking about love, there's this too. And the guy does love to make a fashion statement. Hey Pat, I think we're all wondering about this, too.

Somebody please find out what Titus Young's Wonderlic score was please
— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) May 12, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-2_20130515212747830_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/15/051513-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-2_20130515212747830_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31753446 Metta World Peace Metta+World+Peace Other

His season ended a while ago but the tweets just keep on comin' from Metta. His competitive fire knows no bounds, but it was his tweets comparing the Knicks to the Jackson 5 that got our attention. But Metta, can the Knicks do this or this? No way man. They're too preoccupied. But this tweet did have us doing a double take.

Tito Jackson for three
— Metta World Peace (@MettaWorldPeace) May 15, 2013

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Twitter via @MettaWorldPeace - http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/04/30/043013-Twitter-Personalities-LA-G5_20130430225904107_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/04/30/043013-Twitter-Personalities-LA-G5_20130430225904107_107_80.JPG
Other 198 43 Ranking the best sports personalities on Twitter 31756289 Matt Kalil Matt+Kalil Other

This Vikings offensive lineman is definitely a prankster, judging from this move. He's also not afraid to call out a teammate and understands the importance of physical fitness. And he better after this tweet.

So hungry I could eat a pig....literally instagram.com/p/Y-gMWqAxom/
— matt Kalil(@Mattkalil) May 6, 2013

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- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-1_2013051423583753_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2013/05/14/051413-Twitter-Power-Rankings-SW-1_2013051423583753_107_80.JPG
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