Is Phelps concerned about competition?

It’s the question everybody wants to know the answer to but is afraid to ask Michael Phelps.

So I took it upon myself, as a former teammate, in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the issue: How many events will Phelps swim at the Olympic trials?

For some reason, the competition is dictating his response.

"Can I ask a question? Why is it such a big deal what I’m swimming?" joked Phelps, before his longtime coach gave an answer that illustrated just what a big deal it is.

"If we say what he’s going to swim and he changes it, then we have to have another one of these (press conferences) to explain why," Bob Bowman said. "The other part of it is I don’t know that we need to give the competition any more ammunition than they already have."

I find it interesting that someone who has accomplished so much in his career won’t give a direct answer to such a straightforward question and that he’s even concerned about his competition knowing what his plans are in the first place.

I understand secrecy, but he’s Michael Phelps. He’s Superman. He should not be afraid of anything.

The answer to the question on everybody’s mind makes him seem human.