The Sochi puppy Olympics are heating up

Not to be outdone by some skiers and snowboarders, the USA men's hockey team is getting in on the puppy adoption game.

Team USA hockey players David Backes and Kevin Shattenkirk hang out with Sochi Jack and Sochi Junior.

Lindsey Jacobellis and Gus Kenworthy have been leading the charge in adopting stray dogs from Sochi.

Now, members of USA's hockey team are joining in on the fun.

David Backes and Kevin Shattenkirk are some of the guys working with officials to bring home a few more pups.

Backes even asked Kenworthy for some help and Kelli Stack wanted in on the action.

Maybe the US Olympic committee should book a charter flight for all of the dogs.

Want more? Here are some of the furry friends waiting for Team USA back in the States.