Olympians seek help recovering medals

Two British Olympians appealed Thursday for help in recovering a pair of bronze medals that were snatched from a London nightclub.

Rower Alex Partridge and field hockey star Hannah Macleod issued public appeals for the return of the medals, which they earned during the 2012 London Olympics. The thefts reportedly came after Queen Elizabeth II hosted a Buckingham Palace reception in honor of Britain’s Olympic team.

“I’m absolutely gutted that my Olympic bronze medal has been stolen,” Macleod said in a statement. “Winning it in August was an incredible highlight for me and for this to have happened is simply shattering.”

Macleod was a member of the women’s team that defeated New Zealand, 3-1.

“While it means everything to me, it has no value to anyone else and I just hope that whoever took it can hand it in or leave it somewhere that means I can get it back,” she said.

Partridge, a member of the men’s eight rowing team, said his team blazer was also taken.