Media Accreditation Begins for 2012

Sports Editors:

The U.S. Olympic Committee is accepting requests from media
organizations for accreditation to the 2012 Olympic Games in
London. The application form is available through the USOC’s
media-specific site, USOCPressbox,org. Click here to go to the
request site:

The deadline for making the request is Oct. 1, 2010. This
process is open to print, Internet and photographic media
organizations that are based in the United States and meet the
guideline standards included in this press release. All non
rights-holding broadcasters will be accredited by the International
Olympic Committee. The form will be available March, 2011, on the
IOC website and the deadline for submission for all
non-rights holding broadcasters will be in May, 2011.

The USOC has received a limited number of accreditations from
the IOC for allocation to U.S. media outlets. The USOC and a
committee composed of Associated Press Sports Editors, along with
representatives of magazines, Internet sites and photographers will
meet in November, 2010, to determine the media allocation for the
2012 Games.

This step of the accreditation process is for organizations
only. Once the numbers are approved by the Accreditation Committee,
media will be notified in December as to their allocation. The
Press By Name procedure begins in October, 2011.

For more information contact Bob Condron, USOC Director of Media
Services, bob.condron(at) or Peggy Manter,
peggy.manter(at), 719 866-4529.