Old school images of USA-Canada Olympic hockey

As Sidney Crosby and Team Canada finalize their gameplan for a meeting with goalie Jonathan Quick and the US, take a look back at a simpler time in Olympic hockey history.

Are you excited for the USA-Canada Olympic semifinals game on Friday?

Well, are you?!

If for some reason Thursday'€™s women'€™s gold medal matchup — which the Canadians won in sudden death OT after overcoming a late two-goal deficit, by the way —€“ didn'€™t get your adrenaline completely pumping, we're happy to pass along these awesome images of border battles from years gone by.  

Oh, how the game has changed ...

Chamonic, France, 1924: Comme c'est romantique! An outdoor contest between Canada and USA in the first Winter Games.

Topical Press Agency / Hulton Archive

Lake Placid, 1932: Wooden sticks. Curveless blades. A puck that looks like a "Sorry!" game piece or an air hockey striker (hey, that’s what Pottery Barn calls that thing). This one's just plain awesome.

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive

Lake Placid, 1932: Sportsmanship has always been of utmost importance in hockey. Here, captains John Chase of the US and William Cockburn of Canada “put ‘er there” while getting geared up for the Third Winter Olympics. As the photo caption duly (painfully, for American fans) points out, Canada won gold while the US finished as the runner-up.

FPG / Archive Photos

Bavaria, Germany, 1936: Canada and the US meet again, this time at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Winter Olympics. No mask to protect this goalie. No, a hat should do just fine!

General Photographic Agency / Hulton Archive

Here’s a wider view of the action from 1936. The flags of nations fluttering in the winter air and the stands packed with the border battle in full swing! Can we bring the Olympics outdoors one more time, just for fun?

Central Press / Hulton Archive

USA and Canada are scheduled to meet at noon ET on Friday. The winner will face either Sweden or Finland in the gold medal game on Sunday at 7 a.m. ET. Need more reason to get pumped for the game (What's wrong with you, dude?) Here are seven reasons Friday's game will be awesome!