Westfield reaping Olympic windfall

Picture this: You’ve got your hard-won Olympic tickets in your
sweaty little hands for a track and field event. You emerge from
the Tube, bright-eyed and excited, and you come face to face with
the ultimate shopping gantlet: the new Westfield Mall at

It’s a stroke of genius from the perspective of the mall’s
owners, Westfield Group. A huge amount of Olympic traffic heading
to the park must walk through the mall to get there. You’re talking
about 300 retail shops, some 70 restaurants, bowling alleys and a
casino all wrapped into one business behemoth.

In and of itself, taking a chance on building the mall on the
east end of London was gutsy, but Steven Lowy, co-CEO of Westfield
Group, tells FOX Business/FOXSports.com the risk is paying off.