Much at stake for London and its mayor

The official mascot of the Olympics is a strange little one-eyed
character named Wenlock who looks like an elongated amoeba.

The “unofficial” mascot is a blond-haired, comedic creature
named Boris. As in, Johnson. As in, the mayor of London. He’s
already joked, shrugged off and zip-lined his way to the center of
the headlines here in London, a constant cheerleader for a city
that faced incredible criticism in advance of anything bad even

Love him or hate him, it seems like he hasn’t slept a wink
because he’s shown up every hour on the hour in a different
location, venue or Tube station to tout the success of the games so

FOX Business/ caught up with Johnson on his
“Boris Tour 2012,” as he showered school kids with free
weightlifting competition tickets at the Excel Centre, to talk
about where London stands so far on the success meter,
and on whether he’s positioning himself to lead not
just London but the entire country some day.