Aussie Rice to retire after London Games

australian swimmer stephanie rice to retire after london games 120711

She will only be 24 years old, but Australian swimming star Stephanie Rice is preparing to retire from the sport after the 2012 London Olympic Games.

In a bombshell decision the triple Olympic gold medalist has decided that she will not keep swimming beyond the London Games and will instead pursue other interests.

"I will be 24 and [it will be] time to move on and make some new changes I think," Rice said. "I just know within myself I wouldn't be able to give that effort for another four years and I don't really see the point in swimming through to [retire at] a non-Olympic event, because the Olympics is the pinnacle."

Rice is determined to exit the swimming scene in style and has regained the physique and fitness that carried her to individual medley and relay glory in Beijing in 2008.

"I've got back down to my racing weight and my skin folds in Beijing, which I'm happy about because I haven't been there for four years," she said.

"I really wouldn't want to say I've quit or will quit after this because you never know what will happen in time, but I don't see myself swimming for another four years," she added.

"Swimming requires so much commitment and dedication and I know if I'm not giving 100 percent to it I'm not going to get the results I want and I don't see the point in doing something half-heartedly."

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