Poll: Americans prefer sons compete in Olympics rather than Super Bowl

Over fifty percent of Americans polled said they preferred their sons (if they had them) to compete in the Olympics rather than the Super Bowl.

Americans would much prefer to have their kids be Olympians, a poll finds. 

Julian Finney / Getty Images Europe

Despite the NFL's commanding presence on televsions nationwide, Americans said they would rather have their sons compete in the Olympics than play in the Super Bowl, a Seton Hall University poll found. 

A commanding 53 percent of all respondents opted to have their sons (if they had them) compete in the Olympic Games over the NFL championship. Thirty-three percent selected the Super Bowl. Five percent said neither, and nine did not answer. 

"This certainly feels like a referendum on the much-discussed football concussion issue," Seton Hall Sports Poll Director Rick Gentile said in a statement. 

Those surveyed were also tuned into the Winter Games. Seventy-four percent of the respondents said they intended to watch the Sochi Olympics (70 percent said they watched the Super Bowl earlier this month). 

This was a random telephone poll surveying 716 Americans from Feb. 4 to 6, with a 3.7 percent margin of error, according to the university. 

H/t to Bloomberg for the report