Norwegian curlers earn gold with newest set of eye-popping threads

Norwegian curlers (from left) Haavard Vad Petersson, Thomas Ulsrud & John Christoffer Svae sweep in style Wednesday, sporting threads that are as cool as the ice, as bright as the Russian sun and as loud as the ones they showed the world last month.

Jung Yeon-Je/AFP

The Norwegian men’s curling team made plenty of headlines last month when they unveiled their zig-zag, eye-bending uniforms for Sochi.

They even got Regis to don the outfit on ‘Crowd Goes Wild.’

Well, now the games are on, and it turns out the uniforms we saw in January were just the beginning.

They’ve ditched the zig-zags, but kept all the cool:

Norwegian curler Thomas Ulsrud is a touch out of focus on this shot, but his threads are as clear as day . . . and they are sight to behold.

Can’t wait to see what music video these threads inspire. Here’s 2010’s classic:

And here’s what we were promised back in January:

H/t: For The Win