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OMG! Mash-up of 'Girls' and Sochi makes for 'Shoshi' Games

What happens when you combine a character from HBO's 'Girls' with the Sochi Winter Olympics?

"Curling? I’ve been doing that since my bat mitzvah."

OMG - what happens when you mix a character from HBO's "Girls" with the Sochi Winter Olympics? 

The Shoshi Games, of course. 

This particularly inspired Tumblr page combines the emoji-loving college student Shoshanna from the HBO series (played by Zosia Mamet) with sports from the Winter Games.

It drips with OMG Olympic spirit all over. 

Here's a sampling of pictures with their Shoshi-esque captions. 

"This doesn't look like Jamaica."

"How do you say OMG in cyrillic?"

"Are we going to a Drybar? #helmethair"

"OMG what’s he Putin there?"

It also has "Girls" creator Lena Dunham's Twitter stamp of approval:  

Check out the full set of gold-medal worthy pictures here