Canadian pride: Don't mess with Reds' Votto & his horse 'Nibbles'

Joey Votto was in rare form today during an interview with MLB Network. And why is he dressed up as a Canadian Mountie?

Votto, born and raised in Toronto, showed off his Canadian pride on Tuesday during an interview on MLB Network's Intentional Talk.

MLB Network

There's nothing bigger and better in Canada than the Red Serge.

At least that's what Joey Votto says.

Votto showed off his Canadian roots with pride as he sported the dress uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in a hilarious interview with MLB Network's Intentional Talk on Tuesday.

The Reds slugger said the uniform comes in handy when his teammates get unruly on the road. "If there's any trouble I just hop on Nibbles and we go solve some problems."

Nibbles, of course, is his trusty steed.

Check out the video for a good laugh.

It's good to know the uniform is off limits to his teammates. Votto said "nobody else gets to touch the outfit," which is just fine with us because there's no way any other player on the Reds could represent the Red Serge quite like Joey "Vottomatic."