NY Times NFL preview features Johnny Manziel riding on a chariot

Even The Gray Lady isn't safe from Manziel mania.

The New York Times released its NFL preview Sunday, and the main photo for the article is a sight to behold.

Yes, gracing the front page of the sports section, that is Johnny Football giving his famous money sign, riding in a chariot and dressed like Julius Caesar.

His chariot driver is none other than actual Browns starting quarterback Brian Hoyer, but clearly the picture illustrates Hoyer's backup role when it comes to the spotlight.

The title, "Heartsick City Imports Hope," perfectly characterizes the amazing effect Johnny Manziel has had on the championship-starved fan base of the Cleveland Browns.

It's almost hard to believe Johnny Football mania is so strong that it was able to get the Cleveland Browns on the cover of The Gray Lady's sports section, especially since it isn't the 1950s or '60s anymore.

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