Holmgren denies rumors of Cowboys position

BEREA, Ohio — Mike Holmgren said he has no idea where a report originated that said he was seriously interested in coaching the Dallas Cowboys if Jason Garrett is fired.
“I consider him a friend,” Holmgren said of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. “We worked on the (competition) committee together, but I just wouldn’t do that. I have no idea how any of that gets started. I’m telling you the straight scoop on that.”
Holmgren arrived unannounced in the Cleveland Browns media room to make his points. He said he had not talked to his agent, Bob LaMonte, in a month.
“I don’t know anything about it,” Holmgren said. “You got it straight form the horse’s mouth.”
The report by Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com on “The NFL Today” stated that Holmgren has a “serious interest” in coaching the Cowboys if Jones fires Garrett.
Holmgren said that a story like this is “everything I don’t believe in” because it involves speculation about a guy’s job while he’s still coaching.
“I wouldn’t do that, and I didn’t,” he said.
La Canfora posted on Twitter that he did not report Holmgren talked to the Cowboys.
“I never reported he had any conversations with Dallas whatsoever,” La Canfora tweeted. “Reported that he would want it if open.”
Holmgren, eased out as president when Jimmy Haslam bought the team and brought in Joe Banner, said he “honestly” does not know what his future holds after he departs the Browns.
“I just want to make something very, very clear,” Holmgren said. “One, the last time I talked to anybody about my future is when I talked to you guys in this room (in late October). I haven’t talked to a single soul.
“Second, I don’t know, I honestly don’t know what the future holds or what I want to do. Honestly, believe me on that.
“Thirdly, I’ve always been quite honestly bothered by the speculation during the season when coaches are trying to work and fighting like crazy for their jobs. And I would never do that, out of respect for Jason Garrett.”
By that, he meant contact or talk to the Cowboys while another coach had a job.
On paper, the match of Holmgren and Dallas would fit, in several ways.
Jones likes big names, and “The Big Show” is a big name. Jones likes Holmgren. Jones made a similar big-name move when he hired Bill Parcells. And Holmgren opened the door for this kind of guesswork when he said he missed coaching.
But Holmgren is 64, and he has not said if a move back to the sideline is in the cards.
Jones appeared on Dallas radio station 105.3 KRLD-FM on Sunday and said: “Of course, Mike Holmgren is a heck of a coach. But the facts are that Jason Garrett gives us an outstanding chance to be what we want to be. So, there you have it. I wouldn’t comment one way or the other there with Mike.”
One thing is certain: If it ever happens that Holmgren coaches in Dallas or anywhere else next season. he’d quickly be reviled in Cleveland. The Browns have gone 11-30 since he was named president and are in the midst of another rebuilding job. Fans no doubt would feel swindled or betrayed if Holmgren were to coach another team after taking a reported five-year, $40 million contract to run the Browns.
When Holmgren decides his future, however, the feelings of Browns fans might not be high on his priority list.