Heckert discusses uncertainty in front office

AKRON, Ohio – The Browns general manager knows the impending change in ownership can lead to some uncertain moments for those in the organization, but Tom Heckert hopes his group can stay on to see the team’s latest roster rebuild through. 

Heckert believes he has earned that right, but he also admits no one knows what will happen when Jimmy Haslam III officially takes over the team. 

“It’s hard for me to say,” Heckert said Saturday morning. “We obviously want to. We think we’re on the right track. We’re really excited about this season, but I hope I’m here to see it all through.” 

Heckert said he has talked to his staff in trying to allay fears about what might occur, but his message — and the early message he has received from Haslam — is just to keep working. 

“We did talk to the staff,” Heckert said. “I don’t know that we had to, but they understand the situation. It’s a little different because ownership changes don’t happen a whole lot, but guys understand it’s a part of the business. There’s always a possibility of change. It’s part of the business.

“All our guys can do is keep working. It kind of is what it is.”

Heckert said he’s confident that neither the uncertainty nor the transition period would keep the Browns from making a trade or signing a current player to a contract extension under the correct circumstances. 

“No, no changes or worries at all,” Heckert said. “Jimmy yesterday told me, ‘Do business as usual. Keep going with the team.”

“Nothing is going to change right now.”

Haslam was introduced Friday and spent the morning watching the team practice. 

“Meeting the family was great,” Heckert said. “We spent time on the field and in the facility and they’re excited. They’re great people and they’re really going to be good for the Cleveland Browns.”