Cooperstown calling: Baseball HOF requests Chisenhall's bat

Lonnie Chisenhall's phone has pretty much been going nonstop since his three home run, nine RBI game on Monday. There was one call though on Tuesday that he was very happy to take -- from the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Baseball Hall of Fame requested Lonnie Chisenhall's Mizuno bat from Monday's 17-7 win over Texas.

LM Otero / AP

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Lonnie Chisenhall's phone has pretty much been going nonstop since his three-homer, nine-RBI game on Monday. There was one call though on Tuesday that he was very happy to take  from the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Hall requested Chisenhall's Mizuno bat from Monday's 17-7 win over Texas, where he became the first player to have five hits, three home runs and nine RBI in five plate appearances. The bat was authenticated and will soon be on its way to Cooperstown, NY. Chisenhall brought only one other bat of the same model and has borrowed another from Michael Brantley.

"If they're going to call and ask for it, they can have it. Sometimes you have to give up a piece that means something to the game and I'm all for it," Chisenhall said. "I've been to the Hall of Fame once in the minor leagues. Just for the Hall to have a piece of mine that I've owned or wore is a huge accomplishment. It's a great thing for me and my family."

With the Indians not getting into Kansas City until early Tuesday morning, Chisenhall did a couple radio and TV interviews before the game against the Royals and admitted this is the first time he has had to turn down a couple of requests.

As long as Chisenhall continues to hit though, he can expect the requests to continue. He is hitting .385 but is not among the league leaders because he doesn't have the minimum number of plate appearances.

"This is something that is great for the organization so I don't mind the demand for a couple days," he said.

Manager Terry Francona, who has a couple of his things in the Hall, including the fleece he wore when the Red Sox won the 2007 World Series, said the one thing that impressed him about Chisenhall was the approach he had even when he wasn't in the lineup.

"Guys turn into whatever they are and it's fun to watch," he said. "I think Lonnie has done a great job that when he wasn't playing every day, doing a good job of staying consistent and having the same approach."

COMMON THREAD: Chisenhall is the third player over the last eight seasons to collect at least nine RBI in a game. The Angels' Garrett Anderson (Aug. 21, 2007) and the Mets' Carlos Delgado (June 27, 2008) accomplished it against the Yankees. Jason Giambi has played in all three games but this is the first time he was on the winning side.

Said Giambi of Chisenhall: "He's worked real hard this year and it has paid off. He's been carrying us a lot this year. He finally just let go and started playing the game and stopped worrying about things beyond his control. Just play the game and have a fun time. There are a lot of things you can't control, worry about the things you can.

"Everyone is on their own path to find their way through this game and this is his way. It's fun to sit back and see that hard work come to fruition. If you can just take a step back and say I'm here for the team and will do whatever the baseball gods usually it comes around."

McALLISTER UPDATE: Zach McAllister will arrive in Boston on Wednesday ahead of the rest of the team. McAllister pitched six innings for Triple-A Columbus on Tuesday and gave up a pair of runs on three hits, including two home runs. Francona was happy with the reports he received about the game and said that McAllister is on track to rejoin the rotation at some point.

"We'll sit with him and work through where to insert him and where it best suits us. We've got a few things to look at and we've started to work through figuring it out," Francona said.

Nick Swisher was 0 for 2 in five innings of his first rehab game with Double-A Akron. He struck out and lined out. He will try to play nine innings on Wednesday.