Brandon Phillips’ newest high jinks: Videobombing

The Reds' Brandon Phillips is at it again.

MLB Network screenshot

Never lacking for entertainment, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips has a way of unexpectedly injecting his presence into situations.

His photobombs are otherworldly and he shares with the fans priceless moments like the photo he took with a scared kid.

For his next act, Phillips has taken an even more theatrical route. If Padres pitcher Ian Kennedy thought he could innocently pull off an interview at GABP with the Reds on the field, he definitely thought wrong. Watch the clip all the way through to the end because that’s when it gets really good. How would Kennedy react?

Props to the MLB Network guys for allowing the good-natured shenanigan to continue for a solid amount of time.

Our casting suggestion for a sequel to Wedding Crashers: pair Andrew Luck, who’s honing his skills in this arena, with Phillips and you have cinematic gold.