Twins thunderstruck, hit the deck in Texas

A potentially scary scene turned comical Sunday at the Ballpark in Arlington as the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers completed their three-game series.

With one out in the top of the fourth inning of a scoreless game, lightning struck near the Rangers’ park and was quickly followed by a loud clap of thunder. The noise was so loud that it caused a delay in the action. Twins catcher Ryan Doumit was at the plate facing Texas’ Roy Oswalt when the lightning struck. Doumit sprinted from home plate to Minnesota’s dugout – perhaps as fast as Doumit had run in any situation all season.

Meanwhile, Twins left fielder Josh Willingham was at first base when the lightning hit. He immediately dropped to the dirt as if practicing a bomb drill.

“I’m from the South, and that’s the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard.” Willingham told FOX Sports North sideline reporter Robby Incmikoski.

The rest of the players scampered back to their dugouts after a delay was called. No rain was falling initially, but it soon followed the thunder and lightning and held up the game for 46 minutes.

During the delay, Twins center fielder Denard Span took to Twitter to say: “That’s the loudest noise I’ve ever heard. I thought Jesus was comin!”

Fellow center fielder Ben Revere tweeted this: “My heart stopped when I heard the thunder at the stadium.. Glad no heard me scream like a little girl too!!! Lol”

The delay added to an already long game that lasted 13 innings and saw the Rangers win, 4-3, on a walk-off hit. After the game, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was asked about the thunder and lightning.

“I’d never heard anything like that,” he said. “It scared everybody. I think you saw it. That was loud — the loudest I’ve ever been around, the loudest I’ve ever heard. Right in the middle of it, that’s pretty amazing stuff.”

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