Michael Beasley injures himself after punching his head

The Timberwolves’ recent injury history has been awful enough.

Just imagine if Michael Beasley were still around.

The former Minnesota forward, according to the Miami Herald,  was so upset with himself after a travel call in the Miami Heat’s preseason game Thursday, he began punching himself in the head. The self-inflicted blows were forceful enough he ended up with a swollen eyebrow and a team trainer treating him using steel compresses like you’d see in the corner of a boxing ring.

Beasley’s never been one for self-discipline, until now, but this is a little overboard.He was arrested in August on a marijuana charge, prompting the Phoenix Suns to release him. He ended up signing with the Heat, who drafted him in 2008 and traded him to the Timberwolves two years later.

Beasley’s other past transgressions include incorrectly predicting a victory at Kansas while playing for Kansas State, multiple violations of team policy during his rookie year in Miami, pushing a fan during a street ball game in New York City and several incidents involving marijuana — including one in 2011 while he drove through Minnetonka.

But apparently a traveling call in a preseason game is enough for Beasley to take a good hard look — and swing — at himself.

For the record, Beasley actually played pretty well in his first preseason action this year, notching nine points and two rebounds in a 112-107 win at Detroit.

During two years with Minnesota, he scored 19.2 (2010-11) and 11.5 (2011-12) points per game before leaving as a free agent. In 2012, he suffered another weird injury when his finger bone popped out of his hand.

A season later, injuries rocked the Timberwolves roster as they floundered to a 31-51 record.

But at least none of them came intentionally by their own hand.

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