The mother of all youth hockey brawls

We’ve all heard stories of youth sports parents getting out of
hand and threatening violence. (OK, punching each other’s —
and volunteer refs’ — lights out.) We’re not even stunned
anymore when we hear about the kids copying their parents and
trading haymakers. But what went down on the ice in Novokuznetsk,
Russia, recently (between a bunch of kids believed to be in the
9-10 range) was downright medieval.

As you can see in the video below, for more than two solid
minutes, kids punch, kick, swing sticks — and literally fly
head over heels (check the 51-second mark) — in a brawl that
puts the best NHL goons to shame. Near the end, seemingly the
entire team in white flies in to dog pile on one kid in blue!

Since the video was first posted to YouTube on May 12, you would
think this would be one instance where reactions would be pretty
unanimous. Think again.

Sure, Deadspin was

rendered nearly speechless

And Twitter had its fair share of comments.

But for some, this was no big deal at all. After all, the video
itself is set to Russian rap music, and do you see any referees in
any sort of hurry to break any of this up? (Again, these are

According to a Huffington Post translation, one comment left on
the video’s YouTube page read, “This is not violence but simply a
fight between boys. If my son had been involved, I would not have

Another one, according to HP, stated that the melee was actually
a necessity “to defend the honor of the team.”

And maybe that’s understandable. After all, this happened in
Russia in November 2012.

And earlier this year, this happened in the

girls’ final of the Russian Winter Student Games!

And it’s not like this only happens in Russia. This 48-year-old
Vancouver coach

got jail time for tripping a 13-year-old player


And this isn’t isolated to the ice, either.

In October 2012,

this brawl in an under-21 soccer match in Serbia

resulted in criminal charges.

Heck, in boxing, ex-girlfriends

brawl at the viewing
for an all-time legend.

But ultimately, Hollywood wins. None of the above compares to
this brawl.