What a day! Sid scores from this position —€” and it isn't close to NHL's best highlight

Wednesday got off to a fun start with a head-scratching beef between teams, and ended with an own-goal, a goal from one knee . . . and maybe the season's best pass and save.

What kind of day was it in the NHL on Wednesday? Well, the face of the NHL scored his most impressive goal of the season and it didn't crack the top three highlights . . . so pretty good day, eh?

First the day got off to quite the fun start for a Stanley Cup Final MVP.

When the Florida Panthers took the ice at Vancouver on Tuesday night, the crowd apparently honored Panthers goalie Tim Thomas with a chant. The odd thing about it, though, was that the last time Thomas was in Vancouver, he was winning the Conn Smythe Trophy after the Boston Bruins beat the Canucks to win that other trophy.

The Edmonton Oilers noticed the odd tribute and fired off a tweet of their own.

The Canucks in turn noticed a peculiar fact of their own and the Twitter catfight was on.

For the record, Thomas and the Panthers beat the Canucks again, 3-2 in overtime — and next play at Edmonton on Thursday. Perhaps the Oilers were trying to soften Thomas up with flattery before the game.



You see who the sharps like to take home gold at the Sochi Olympics?



Then teams took the ice and things really heated up.

•   The Ducks lost to the Devils on an own-goal in overtime.

•  The Flames lost at home to the Blue Jackets in OT, but wouldn't have gotten a point without this mind-blowing Reto Berra save. Maybe he should playing soccer for the Swiss national team.

•  Have you seen a better pass this season than this one by the Senators' Clarke MacArthur on Kyle Turris' goal?

•  And as for that "face of the NHL" goal? Check out how Sidney Crosby ended this textbook display of power-play passing.

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