Is Tyler Seguin out of control?

Tyler Sequin allegedly parties hard night he is traded, then homophobic, offensive tweet come from his account, though he attributes it to hackers. Is the Dallas Stars center out of control?.

There is no denying Tyler Seguin's world-class talent. And after the last four days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny he has issues with maturity — and perhaps his character after an offensive tweet came from his account.

Seguin took the NHL by storm in the 2010-11 season, scoring his first goal at age 18 and netting seven playoff points in Boston's Stanley Cup run that season.

But on Thursday, the Bruins stunned the hockey world by trading the 21-year-old center to Dallas. Immediately, reports surfaced that the team had grown tired of Seguin's partying ways.

And before he was even on a plane for Dallas, Seguin may have shown those concerns had merit.

The photo below was one of several tweeted out Thursday night about a party Seguin threw Thursday night in Cape Cod — some tweets even calling it a trade party.

Here are some more apparent, ummm, details.

Some came to Seguin's defense.

But a tweet sent out from Seguin's feed on Saturday became much more difficult to defend.

The tweet was swiftly deleted and Seguin issued an apology before temporarily shutting down his account because of "repeated attempts by 'hackers' to try to damage my reputation."


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