Blues banning high-five celebrations

Act like you scored before: 'Business-like' St. Louis Blues banning high-five celebrations after goals in NHL games.

Members of the St. Louis Blues say they are trying to change the culture of celebration in the NHL.

The post-goal scoring celebratory team high five has been customary throughout the hockey world. Members of the squad that do the scoring typically make a loop toward their bench to celebrate with their teammates, but members of the Blues organization says its team is above all of that, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. St. Louis players no longer will celebrate goals with their teammates on the bench.

“That came from a few gentlemen who used to play here,” winger David Backes said. “They felt like the going through the line thing was a high school, college type of play.”

The change has been most noticeable over the past two games. In wins over Nashville and Winnipeg, the players involved in the goal-scoring have raised their arms and smiled in celebration but “there has been no skate to the bench for a Conga line of high fives,” as the Post-Dispatch put it.

“This is a unique thing that maybe we can change the trend a little bit — score the goal, congratulate each other and let’s go do it again,” Backes said.

The idea that the post-goal high five is juvenile seems to be widely held within the Blues organization, with players and coach Ken Hitchcock jumping on the bandwagon.

“I think [not going to the bench] shows confidence, shows we’ve been there before. It’s kind of a business-like attitude," center T.J. Oshie said. “When we score a goal, we want to line up and get the next one.”

The Blues are second in the NHL in goals per game with 3.7.

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