Sharks ownership examining all businesses during search for new president

Before selecting a successor to Greg Jamison as CEO and
president of the
Sharks, the team’s ownership group
is taking a closer look at all of Silicon Valley Sports and
Entertainment’s different business interests.

Jamison announced Sept. 1 that he was stepping down from his top
spot in the organizational hierarchy in one month, though he would
remain in a lesser role. No timetable was given for finding his

“What I think they’re doing right now is getting a little more
involved with the organization to kind of assess where we are,
where we want to go,” said Malcolm Bordelon, the team’s executive
vice-president of business operation.

The process, he added, includes an examination of all of SVSE’s
diverse business interests, from the merchandising of corporate
sportswear to the operation of three community ice rinks in the Bay

“I think they’re kind of just reviewing the business as a whole
and then shape what they want it to be after that review process,”
Bordelon said. “And that may help determine the kind of person they
want to have in that role.”

Jamison had served as the lone spokesman for the ownership group
since its inception in 2002. Once he decided to step aside,
questions have been referred to Bordelon, a leading candidate to
succeed Jamison if the owners decide to promote from within the

Jamison will continue to represent the
Sharks on the NHL’s board of
governors and 10-member executive committee.

It’s only three games, but
Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle is
averaging 27:32 of ice time, third highest in the NHL. That’s about
80 seconds more per game than last season, when he finished fourth
in the league.

Boyle says he wants all the time he can get, and coach Todd
McLellan looks at it similarly.

“He’s going to play and play and play,” said McLellan, who
wouldn’t put a ceiling on Boyle’s ice time. “That’s what happens
with star players.”

Boyle was a minus-2 in Saturday night’s 4-2 loss to the Atlanta
Thrashers, and it was his error late in the game that led to
visiting team’s insurance goal. But fatigue, he said, was
definitely not a factor.

“I had nightmares about it last night,” Boyle said Sunday. “It
was a very poor decision and a poor play. That’s not something I
normally do, but it has nothing to do with playing the 27th

Players reported for practice Sunday, then found out that
wouldn’t involve getting out on the ice for most of them.

“I didn’t like the way we skated last night, but we have to
figure out as a team, have we over-skated the past six or seven
days because of practices or have we under-skated?” McLellan

“Sometimes when you practice as much as you do,” he added, “you
forget that they’re on the ice for the full hour and 15-20 minutes
skating versus eight to 22 minutes in a game.”

Two injured
Sharks, Jamal Mayers and Derek
Joslin, did skate Sunday. McLellan said Mayers, who hurt his arm in
a Sept. 28 exhibition game, is getting close to returning to the
lineup. That isn’t the case with Joslin, who required surgery to
repair an injured thumb.

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