NHL game puts pizza order in disarray

Friday night was a tough one for one pizza-loving Vancouver
Canucks fan, whose pick-up order for a rally snack during the
Canucks’ Game 2 meeting with San Jose quickly became a pie
that called for delivery, before ultimately arriving at his door as
a somber reminder of another game gone wrong.

The story starts with this tweet of a receipt reportedly showing
the details of what was supposed to be a Canucks fan’s
pick-up order:

The photo is sparse on other details, but best we can surmise,
the order was likely placed during the second intermission of Game
2, with the third-seeded Canucks — who were already in a 1-0
series hole after losing Game 1 at home — trailing the
visiting Sharks 1-0. One could hardly blame the fan for wanting to
distance himself from another disappointing home loss to an
underdog, so pick-up it was.

But then less than a minute into the third period — hope!
Ryan Kesler scored on a power play just 59 seconds in, and all of a
sudden the Canucks had life. Can’t leave the house now. This
is a game! So a call to the pizza establishment was likely placed,
with the directive and reasoning for the change duly noted on the
receipt above.

Things only got better for our nameless pizza orderer as he
awaited his chicken-topped pie, which was now, presumably, in
transit, as Kesler scored again just six minutes later to give
Vancouver a stunning 2-1 lead. Unfortunately, things went downhill
in a hurry from there, and with just 56 seconds left in regulation,
Patrick Marleau tied the game with his second goal of the

One would have to assume that if the pizza hadn’t yet
arrived in time for Marleau’s goal, it certainly came during
the intermission before overtime. Which would have meant our pizza
hero would have been chowing down when Raffi Torres netted the
game-winner for San Jose just 5:31 into the extra frame, sending
Vancouver fans home disappointed and down 2-0.

We can’t be sure exactly how things went down, but however
the timing worked out, it made for a bad 45 minutes for the pizza
eater, whose celebratory pizza quickly became conciliatory, while
also forcing him to leave a tip.

Fortunately, he did still have pizza at the end of the day, and
thankfully — hopefully? — he didn’t take his
frustrations out on the city, as Canucks fans
been known to do
in the past. (Though Sunday’s 5-2 loss,
to fall to 3-0 in the series, may have been enough to do any
Vancouver fan in.)