Leaked CT scan of puck injury a fake?

Mark Fraser suffered one of the worst hockey injuries to date during Toronto’s Game 4 loss to the Bruins.

The Maple Leafs defenseman took a Milan Lucic shot to the forehead and required surgery to repair a broken bone in “his cranial area.” Days after the surgery took place, a Reddit user uploaded a photo of what he or she claims to be Fraser’s CT scan from St. Michael’s Hospital. (Warning: The image could be considered graphic to some; you can see it here.) The user, however, has been erased from Reddit.com, and the hospital claims it followed proper procedures and never released it to the public, according to multiple reports.

“St. Michael’s can release images only to a patient or the patient’s requesting physician,” the hospital said in a release Monday. “We investigated today whether this scan had been released inappropriately. Our investigation showed that proper procedures were followed.”