Farewell, Torts! Here are his best hits

Few prominent figures in the sports world, if any, can be relied
on for as many viral and vulgar moments as New York Rangers coach
John Tortorella. And often they’re one in the same.

That’s why it has saddened us to learn that the
fired Tortorella
on Wednesday, shortly after the team crashed
out of the playoffs.

In the last couple weeks alone, Tortorella has given out
impromptu journalism lessons to reporters,
sworn on national television during an in-game
interview and
told his own player he “stinks” through the
media. On Thursday, he added two more entries to his collection
when he
swapped F-bombs with a linesman with a live mic
nearby and then told the media to — how should we say this?
— smooch his derriere, as you can see in the video above.

But that was really just the cherry on top of a massive sundae
of Tortorella outbursts, brevity, obscenity, sarcasm, rudeness and
humor compiled over the years. There are too many instances to list
them all — you’d spend your whole day watching videos
of Torts yell at people, and I’m not sure your boss would
like that. So just enjoy this sampling.

Tortorella loves giving the media a hard time, and he has
gotten into it with reporters more than once
— but none as often as Larry Brooks of the New York Post:

This next one has some NSFW language:

He’s also never been shy about going after other team’s players,
when the occasion calls for it:

The Penguins are “whiny”:

Ditto for coaches. Go to the 1:35 mark:

“Shut yer yap”:

Did we mention that Tortorella has been known to be
very icy
with reporters? Here he is, not really in the
mood to talk:

So much for the in-game interview:

The “ridiculous” cell phone (and more NSFW language):

On second thought, maybe this remix is really all you need to
get a sense of who John Tortorella is when he steps in front of a

And as frustrating as Tortorella is to cover — I know,
because I’ve done it — he’s a heck of a lot of
fun to watch other people cover. So for that reason alone, here’s
hoping he finds a new gig soon.