Hat’s all, folks: Paying price for wrong NHL trade prediction

When you say you would eat your hat, well, what can you do?

via MSG.com

Stan Fischler, longtime NHL commentator on the air and in print, followed one of the cardinal rules of sports broadcasting as the trade deadline approached –€” be right or wrong, but just be certain. Fischler, who calls himself "€œthe Hockey Maven,"€ took it a step further, though.

On an MSG New York Islanders telecast early this month, he said he was so certain that the New York Rangers wouldn’€™t trade Ryan Callahan that, in the unlikely event it happened, Fischler would eat his hat. And he had the hat with him –€” a wide-brimmed job that looks perfect for getting through a hockey winter.

But what do you know? In an exchange of captains, the Rangers dealt Callahan to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Martin St. Louis in a surprise trade that also involved draft picks.

So, Stan, about that hat …

He brought in a substitute hat, along with several condiments, including maple syrup. And then he … Well, we don’€™t want to be spoilers. Watch what happened below.