Barnaby strikes deal to get ring back

Former NHL player and network hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby has settled his lawsuit against his ex-fiancee and recovered the $50,000 engagement ring he had given her.

Attorneys in the case told The Buffalo News the out-of-court settlement also saw former Miss Buffalo Amber Lindke, 25, who broke off her relationship with Barnaby in September, return the title to a Cadillac Escalade to the former hockey player.

In exchange, Barnaby paid Lindke $1,000 on top of $5,000 he gave her when they broke up.

Lindke had said she was owed money for work she did on Barnaby’s website, the paper reported.

The lawsuit said Barnaby, 39, gave Lindke the title to the Escalade in January 2012, the same month Lindke moved in with Barnaby. That came in the wake of Barnaby’s conviction for driving while intoxicated the previous month in a suburban Buffalo court, the paper reported.

The arrest cost Barnaby his job as an ESPN hockey analyst.

Lindke left the Escalade behind after moving out but held onto the title.

Under New York law, the person who received an engagement ring is required to give it back if the relationship sours before marriage.

Barnaby played for seven NHL teams in 15 seasons beginning with the Buffalo Sabres in 1992. He scored 113 goals and 300 points in 834 games.