Blackhawks fan puts it in ink

Russell Pederson doesn’t live in fear of the hockey gods — he tempts them.

Pederson, a Momence, Ill. resident, has thrown traditional superstition to the wind and added the year “2013” to his tattoo commemorating the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup championships. The Blackhawks haven’t yet won the 2013 title, and, in fact, they’re still one win away from securing the title.

Pederson initially had a tattoo of Lord Stanley’s Cup done on his upper arm after the Hawks won the 2010 title, and he’s so confident that they will win this year that he had the tattoo updated before the Hawks won Wednesday night’s overtime nail-biter.

“I don’t believe in jinxes,” Pederson told NBC 5 in Chicago. “I do believe it’ll go seven games, but I’m confident the Hawks are going to win the Cup.”