Blackhawks thank Boston in ad

Boston fans might not want anything to do with the Chicago
Blackhawks right now, but Chicago went a long way toward making
sure that any bad feelings between the two cities heal quickly.

Rocky Wirtz, chairman of the Wirtz Corporation and principal
owner of the Blackhawks, teamed up with team president John
McDonough to release a full-page advertisement in the Boston Globe
on Friday thanking the citizens of Beantown for respectfully
representing their team off the ice:

Boston has had an incredibly trying year, and it’s great to see
Blackhawks ownership tipping its hat to the city’s fans. You can
bet the Bruins would trade all of this good will in a second for
another shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup, but it’s always nice to see a
mutual respect between two classic fanbases.

Lose with dignity, celebrate with grace. Well done, Chicago.