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NHL 142 43 Top 5 tweets of the week from NHL players: Lockout edition 31334441 Ducks center Nick Bonino (@NickBonino) Ducks+center+Nick+Bonino+%28%40NickBonino%29 NHL

On spending a lockout day off with teammate Cam Fowler:

Just a typical lockout afternoon with @camfowler4. Self service car wash. #didntturnoutwell #Greatformfowls


Check out the photo here

Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G5-AA_20120921005040316_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G5-AA_20120921005040316_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Top 5 tweets of the week from NHL players: Lockout edition 31334443 Flyers forward Claude Giroux (@28CGiroux) Flyers+forward+Claude+Giroux+%28%4028CGiroux%29 NHL

On starting a new tradition with teammate Scott Hartnell:

Me and @Hartsy19 are growing out beards for the lockout.. Hopefully shave very soon!! #anyjoiners? RT if you’re in!!

John E. Sokolowski - USA TODAY Sports http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G4-AA_20120921005041319_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G4-AA_20120921005041319_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Top 5 tweets of the week from NHL players: Lockout edition 31334444 Predators defenseman Jon Blum (@JonBlum7) Predators+defenseman+Jon+Blum+%28%40JonBlum7%29 NHL

On how President Obama may need to intervene:

I think the unemployment rate just went up @barackobama do something about it #lockedout #NHL

Jerome Miron - USA TODAY Sports http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G1-AA_20120921005040315_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G1-AA_20120921005040315_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Top 5 tweets of the week from NHL players: Lockout edition 31334442 Coyotes winger Brett MacLean (@macattack_39) Coyotes+winger+Brett+MacLean+%28%40macattack_39%29 NHL

On how the media will move on with no hockey:

I think the biggest #lockout question is what will ESPN do to replace the 20 seconds of hockey highlights on #SportsCenter each night?

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G3-AA_20120921005040317_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G3-AA_20120921005040317_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Top 5 tweets of the week from NHL players: Lockout edition 31333397 Maple Leafs defenseman John-Michael Liles (@hoosierjm26) Maple+Leafs+defenseman+John-Michael+Liles+%28%40hoosierjm26%29 NHL

On his thoughts about Gary (?) Bettman -- double-tweet style:

Just wanted to send out big congrats to gray bettman on his 3rd consecutive work stoppage. Impressive stats for someone w no athletic skill


Wow...big misunderstanding! GRAY Bettman is a guy on my slow pitch team...has cancelled last 3 games and has no athletic skill #mybad

Kevin Hoffman - USA TODAY Sports http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G2-AA_20120921005041318_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/09/21/092012-NHL-Tweets-of-the-week-G2-AA_20120921005041318_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Top 5 tweets of the week from NHL players: Lockout edition 31334437 Lockout on the mind Lockout+on+the+mind NHL

Seems like the lockout is here to stay for a while. But it's still fresh in the sense that it just became 'official' last Saturday. See what some players had to say about the situation in the first week. There are some doozies. Oh, and don't forget to vote for your fave!

- http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/08/24/082412-Twitter-Gallery-SW_20120824151319474_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2012/08/24/082412-Twitter-Gallery-SW_20120824151319474_107_80.JPG
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